My Journey through the Authentic Life Course - Part Three

authentic life course Aug 16, 2018

by Jeff Jones

The main teachings in Module Three are around asking for and receiving feedback.  As I glanced over the lesson titles, I felt myself contract a little bit, as I am quite aware that I spend an undesirable amount of energy thinking about “looking good” or “looking bad”.  I was especially nervous because I noticed in that moment that, while I spend a good amount of time thinking about how I’m perceived, I never really ask others for feedback.  Needless to say I jumped in anyways and had a great boost in self-awareness in my initial triad call!

Admittedly, I was a little behind in the material, and, we transitioned into getting feedback about our Way of Being (WoBs) without me really knowing what was happening.  My triad member first noted that when I’m speaking I play with my hair a lot, or if I’m wearing a hat, I play with my face.  I was a little confused why she was telling me this, but laughed and...

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My Journey through the Authentic Life Course - Part Two

authentic life course Aug 07, 2018

by Jeff Jones

Module Two is all about context — understanding contexts, noticing contexts, and seeing the impact contexts can have.  By moving through the module videos, I gained a more granular and far more manageable understanding of contexts and how to describe them — even how to understand and describe how they were affecting me. 

One of our assignments in this module was to continually track contexts.  I noticed early on that I wasn’t very good at tracking contexts in the moment.  I tend to get all wrapped up in it and find it difficult to find the birds-eye view, only realizing the full impact of the context after the fact.  As I practiced “real-time noticing” this week, I found myself being able to identify contexts and impact more readily.  To illustrate, let me tell you about something that happened this week.

To set the scene, I was out at my partner’s friend’s house, hanging out with some of her close...

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My Journey through the Authentic Life Course - Part One

authentic life course Aug 02, 2018

by Jeff Jones

To begin, let me set some context for who I was when I decided to do the Authentic Life Leadership training — two things were very loud in my awareness.  One, I felt very stressed out and pressed for time.  I had a pretty booked calendar for the next few weeks, I took on a project that I didn’t feel completely prepared for, and on top of all that, I was in the throws of playing catch-up for Burning Man.  Two, I was in a huge conflict with my partner, which had me feeling sad, lonely, frustrated, and insignificant.  Because of all of this, I was unsure if I had the time or space to fully commit to the training.  Was this the right time?  Is this a good investment of my time?  Can I even open up enough to benefit from it with everything else going on?  This was my reality when I decided to commit to the training.

As I began the training, I fought the urge to move through it as quickly as possible, and tried to soften...

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The Growth of Authentic Community

authentic community Jan 23, 2018
by Sara Ness

I don’t know why, but in the last few weeks I’ve been getting messages like this regularly.

Perhaps it’s The Atlantic article that came out last month that brought Authentic Relating more into the mainstream.

Perhaps it’s the spread of communities through people like Bridgett, who are touching more and more people.

Perhaps it’s Youtube videos, or manuals, or word of mouth, or the new Authentic Relating training companies emerging, or all of the above!

Either way, it’s really cool to see. From the ALFT and other trainings in the past few years, there are now communities in Seattle, Boston, Burlington, DC, Dallas, Hawaii, England, Amsterdam, and more (you can see most of them on the map. Seattle’s community is featured in the picture on this post). I got a flyer this week from a Burlington facilitator for AR Games after a church service!

It feels like we are truly becoming a movement, and the possibility of spreading...

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The Process of Authenticity

by Sara Ness

After 3 years of leading communities, and encountering every sort of capital-T bolded-letters you’re-wrong-if-you-don’t-agree TRUTH, I’ve discovered that authenticity – as in, “my TRUTH is paramount for me to bring to the world” – is itself a subjective idea. I love discovering what’s true for me, through my body, emotions, mind, and environment. But I no longer assume that TRUTH is such a permanent state.

What I feel, experience, want, and believe changes moment by moment and day by day. How I communicate it is also a process in flux. There is no Wrong or Right. The most pain I see is when people attach to their TRUTH as an identity, and die a little death every time it’s questioned.

Authenticity and relating are both parts of a wider whole. In this world, there is no definitive Right or Wrong; there is no ground. This is terrifying. No ground? No certainty by which to know even my own...

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The Pain of Presence

authentic relating May 27, 2014

by Sara Ness

I never know how to start an article.

I have practiced authenticity and transformational work for years now, and I still don’t know how to begin a sentence that will touch people to their bones.  I don’t know what to say when a friend tells me that their parents have passed away, or when somebody I love tells me that they don’t feel the same.

I started doing Authentic Relating – like so many people do – looking for a “solution”. I didn’t feel broken, but… there were things in my life that I knew could be improved.  I was in a fairly dysfunctional relationship.  I felt uncertain about my major in college, and my life beyond that.  I didn’t have much connection with my body or the physical experience of being me.  I wanted to fix all of that.

Well, two years later, I can successfully say that nothing about me has been fixed.

Some days it drives me crazy.  After all the work...

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Life Hack #3: “I Can’t Say That!”

connection May 20, 2014

by Sara Ness

A few weeks ago, my roommate and I threw a party at our apartment.  We hosted two local food-artisans – a maker of raw chocolates, and a master of imported Chinese tea.  At some point somebody picked up a drum, and then there was music going; ecstatic dancers started to dance; the Integral group started talking philosophy in a corner; and people were massaging and cuddling each other all over the carpet.  The party was a resounding success.

Towards the end of the evening, a friend of mine texted to ask if things were still going, and if he and some buddies could come join in.  I said sure.  When he showed up, he brought with him two of the most attractive men I’d ever seen.  One of the two I knew vaguely from Authentic Relating Games, and other events around town – a tall, muscular, highly successful guy who did nonprofit work, and was involved in mens’ groups, and cooperatives, and probably gave to charity . . ....

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Life Hack #2: Living Without Hate

connection May 05, 2014

By Sara Ness

Last week, I attended an event called the “InPresence Experience”, guided by the prodigiously talented facilitator Micah Sutton.  InPresence is similar to our own practices of Authentic Relating and Circling.  It focuses on what happens in the now – with myself, between you and me, and in the “moments between experience and reaction”, as Micah puts it.  I’ll cover the idea of presence more in a future post.  Today, however, I want to share one of the greatest life hacks that I’ve learned from my work in Authentic Relating:

How to live without hate.

In one of the exercises at InPresence, we were asked to stand, one by one, in front of the group (which was seated), and given 3 minutes to express whatever came up for us.  The group applauded at the beginning and end of each person’s share.  I am used to standing in front of rooms.  But, I am usually in the role of teacher, not receiving this...

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Life Hack #1: The Elephant in the Room

connection Apr 25, 2014

By Sara Ness

A facilitator with Authentic World recently asked me to post about any tips, tricks, or stories I have around bringing Authentic Relating into life.  I thought this could be a cool series to include on Connection Corps!  So, here’s one of my favorite tips on bringing a conversation deeper.

One thing that’s worked for me is to speak what’s happening in the connection between myself and somebody else, or ask for what I’m wanting in that connection.

For example – I was meeting a few weeks ago with a guy who wanted to collaborate on an event around coaching women. It was an informal meeting, happening at a co-working space in central Austin, and I vaguely knew the guy through mutual friends and mutual interest in each others’ activities (he runs improv classes and is a life coach; I lead Authentic Relating and circling events). Given our connections, I would have expected the meeting to feel intimate and exciting. Yet . . ....

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