The Path of the Paradoxical Leader

authentic leadership Jul 26, 2021

Do you ever get the sense that something is happening around you, maybe even because of you, and everybody else knows it - except for you?

A few months ago, our strategist and marketer Mel decided to go full-time with her own project. We were all very sad to lose her, but I was delighted when another great prospect popped up for the role just a few weeks later: my old friend and collaborator Jason Digges.

When Mel was leaving, she wanted to place our company on good footing. She started working with me and AuthRev's operations mistress, Laura, to take over the leadership. Laura hadn't led before. But I wasn't going to do it solo, right?

Jason joined us a month later. He was relieved to find out that Laura and I were co-leading the company. However, while we were fantastic collaborators on the operations front, Laura and I didn't do well in the joint CEO role. She stepped down. As a result, Jason started to get cold feet, because nobody was going to be in the leadership role - I...

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The Paradox of Leadership: Authentic Revolution founder Sara Ness, Seek Healing founder Jennifer Nicolaisen, and Authentic Relating Toronto founder Taylor Barratt

authentic leadership Jul 02, 2021

How do we make sense of what it means to be a leader?

Below, you'll find a lengthy discussion between Authentic Revolution founder Sara Ness, Seek Healing founder Jennifer Nicolaisen, and Authentic Relating Toronto founder Taylor Barratt on the topic of community and business leadership. We go into everything from the inevitability of becoming a guru, to the lessons religion can teach us about successful (or unsuccessful) community leadership.


Video highlights:

- Bringing the relational and the collaborative into the world of business, family, and finance
- How becoming a guru is inevitable in communities of belonging
- What makes the difference between a dysfunctional cult and a transcendent community, and why we often can’t tell the difference
- 2,000 years of wisdom in 20 minutes

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Taking Authentic Facilitation to the Workplace

It's one thing to bring Authentic Relating skills into your relationship, your family, and your living room.


It's another thing entirely to bring it into the workplace, board room, and company culture!


To find out how it works, Jason Digges spoke to Carrie Patrick, Senior Organizational Development Strategist at Dell, and one of the best Authentic Relating facilitators we know. 



You'll learn about...

  • Why experiential learning can jumpstart the desired changes in company culture that theory just can't
  • The importance of balancing AR games with numbers and stats in the workplace context
  • How to translate AR for the workplace to get past any hesitancy around "self-help" culture
  • Why "playing it safe" is the absolute wrong approach


Tune in & start envisioning how you could bring Authentic Relating into new contexts!

Foundations of Facilitation begins Tuesday, June 1st at 11am EST, 5pm Eastern European time, and runs for 12 weeks! 


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A Pew for Elijah: What a Funeral Taught Me About Facilitation

by Sara Ness

“You don’t belong here.”

That’s the feeling I got upon walking into the room. I was twenty three years old, and one of my community members had just passed away – a devastating homicide while he was en route to Baton Rouge to facilitate that community’s first Authentic Relating Games Night. I led the Authentic Relating community in Austin. His mother, who I barely knew, had asked me to facilitate the memorial.

Of course I said yes, and I flew down a few days later. It wasn’t until we were in the car en route to the memorial service that worry started to percolate through my shock. After all, I had never facilitated a memorial before; I had never even been to one. I asked the mom, “How do you want me to facilitate this service?” “Just get up there. You’ll be fine,” she reassured me.

I walked into the room and within a second, I knew that I was in trouble. I am a facilitator of group emotional...

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Psychological Safety and Belonging

authentic leadership Feb 13, 2019

by Sara Ness

There are twenty-two of us in my living room the day before the training starts.

I’ve run the Authentic Leadership Training more times than I can count. Actually, about thirty five times, which is countable but only because I spent an hour with my calendar. I know the content so well I can teach it without a script. I have every possible change memorized. But there’s one code that I’m still working on cracking.

The people in this room are all different ages, from their twenties to their sixties. Among them are computer engineers, managers, teachers, coaches, musicians, and entrepreneurs. They have different backgrounds, cultures, and expectations.

I prefer having multiple leaders in front of the room. They help me teach and give the participants an example of what different types of leadership can look like. They make sure that participants can focus on learning rather than logistics. I need the staff, but twenty-two different people are hard to...

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