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What's our Story? 


Our mission is to create a more connected and empathic world


Established in 2013, we are generally recognized as having popularized the field of Authentic Relating by creating the Authentic Relating Games Manual (now with over 250 games and variations by 64 contributors from around the world), training over 1,000 AR facilitators, and helping found Authentic Relating and Circling communities on every continent except Antarctica. We're responsible for countless friendships, businesses, marriages, and at least one baby. It's been quite a journey.

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Meet the Team

Sara Ness

Chief Catalyst

Sara is the founder and CEO of Authentic Revolution. In 2012, at 20 years old, Sara founded still-ongoing learning communities in Austin and Houston that became two of the biggest AR groups in the world. She has gone on to work with tens of thousands of students in sectors from Google to Mindvalley to Burning Man. Sara's publications - including The Authentic Relating Games Manual, the core text of the Authentic Relating field - have helped seed 100+ communities in every continent (except Antarctica... so far!)

Sara is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through group process. She lives in community in Bastrop, Texas.

Geof Krum

Dean, Facilitation Academy


Geoffrey Hamilton Krum is an artist, producer, facilitator, entrepreneur, and none of these labels. He has managed thousands of employees and volunteers to manifest everything from festivals to juice manufacturing operations. Geof's passion is in creating beautiful, no-bullshit human-centered systems that run themselves while slowly transforming the world.

Geof prides himself in the artful coordination of passionate specialists toward common goals. He is currently Producer and Dean of Authentic Revolution's Facilitation Academy.

What is Authentic Relating?


Authentic Relating (AR) is the practice of freely expressing your true experience in the company of others.


Expressing in this way enables you to create connections in the world based on who you really are.

Authentic Relating practices create a safe, intentional space - rooted in play and supported by clear boundaries - to create meaningful and enjoyable connections to self and other. By learning Authentic Relating skills, you can drop your conditioned relational habits, and learn to relate with yourself and others from a deeper more authentic expression of your truth.

This allows us to be more human with one another, in ways that often fall by the wayside in today's social norms.

The result is a life full of fulfilling and meaningful relationships.

What are AR Games?

AR Games were created to give you a playbook for how to begin relating on an authentic level.

Often communication starts and stops because we feel unsure about how to approach it, what to say, or what to ask. Turning communication into a game provides a guiding structure and set of agreements for everyone involved. This removes a lot of the stress and anxiety from connection, and adds in an inviting element of play.

AR Games (played with 2 or more people) are designed to take you from:

Surface level answers to → Sharing what’s really going on

Feeling disconnected to  Feeling a real bond

Not knowing what to say to A connected in-flow conversation

Lack of understanding to Gaining helpful insights about each other.

Example Games

What is Circling?


Circling is a transformational communication practice.


Circling has spread across 12 countries and 45 states in the past few years. It enhances self-awareness, creates connection, and teaches participants how to get their needs met AND help others thrive in the process. The practice has been developed and refined by teachers in hundreds of fields, and now, it’s available to the public.

This unique practice, which facilitates connection and self-expression. is part art form, part meditation, part group conversation, Circling has been described as “interactive intimacy”, “social intercourse”, or (my favorite), “A structured way to love the crap out of someone.”

In a circle, you’ll join a group of people to have a conversation about what’s actually happening for you, and between you, right here and now. You’ll get a visceral sense of what others feel, think, and experience around you, and develop a meditation practice for bringing your embodied self naturally out into the world.

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