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Relationships are essential

In romance, in family, at work, in community...

But when do we actually learn the art and skill of
how to connect with others?
How do we form and join community?
How do we talk with strangers?
How do we navigate tough conversations with loved ones?

At Authentic Revolution,
we're here to help you create 
deeply fulfilling connections in your life.

Starting Right Now.

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Develop self awareness,
the key to empowered relationships.

Authentic Communication Essentials

4 self study courses designed to fulfill your potential and affect change with the people you care about.

Level Up

We are wired for connection.
Learn to create it.

Authentic Life Course


7 weeks of realizing your authentic truth and creating fulfilling connections in all your relationships. 


Be the leader who empowers
everyone in the room. 



A 15-week course that equips you to lead in any environment.  Learn from 8 thought leaders with diverse areas of expertise.

Lead with Grace

New to Authentic Relating?


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Let's walk through the Basics. What is Authentic Relating all about?   What are Authentic Relating Games?

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AR Games Manual


Learn how to play and lead AR Games

 Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, masterfully facilitated experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection. This manual contains over 150 Games and variations.

Suggested donation $15+

Download AR Games Manual


Conflict = Energy

By Jason Digges

Discover the Transformative Practice
of Authentic Relating

A full Authentic Relating curriculum including 32 tools and 12 games, these pages act as a manual to connection. These practices can be used immediately to forge deeper bonds and safety with others.

$9 e-book $19 paperback

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Play AR Games + Circling Any Day of The Week


COnnect is our online community where members can attend a variety of AR and Circling events any day of the week.

  • Play authentic relating games led by expert facilitators. 
  • Fill up your connection tank while practicing the full spectrum of AR skills. 
  • Join a vibrant community of communication Jedi’s-in-training.
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What our students are saying

Nevin McConnell

Engineer @ Apple

I discovered how important authentic human connection was to my soul. People I had just met provided profound reflections that revealed blind spots I had buried long ago. And I felt so energized by each day I had trouble sleeping at night.

Christian Jakubowicz

System Administrator @ Ultra Electronics

What I experienced this weekend is something I’ve been looking for my entire life. It’s helping me to facilitate communications that I didn’t think were possible, and it’s let me look inward and realize that a lot of the interpersonal interactions I have had with people have been entirely in my head.

Shelley Delayne

Founder @ Orange Coworking

Training ordinarily gives you information that satisfies the intellect and helps you to understand a thing. Sometime, training fills your imagination with creative ideas about what you could do in the world. Some fills your heart with the energy and inspiration to go forth and actually do the work. This beautifully-crafted training weekend does all of the above, wrapped in an incredibly supportive, transformative experience.

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