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New! Games to play online

14 Authentic Relating Games written for online use, including how to break out groups, what to put in chat, how to set up Zoom, and a ton of great facilitation tips.

Guide to Online Connection Games

The Authentic Relating Games Manual

Create effortless connection with social "games" and fifty questions to deepen any conversation.

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Evolve Your Connection

How can you bring your full self to the world?

There are thousands of learning systems for what we do, but who we are defines our actions the most. Authentic Relating and Circling facilitators use unique social technologies to tap into your self-awareness and innate Emotional Intelligence, creating profound growth in every area of your life.

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"I discovered how important authentic human connection was to my soul. People I had just met provided profound reflections that revealed blind spots I had buried long ago. And I felt so energized by each day I had trouble sleeping at night."

Nevin McConnell
Engineer @ Apple

"Training ordinarily gives you information that satisfies the intellect and helps you to understand a thing. Sometime, training fills your imagination with creative ideas about what you could do in the world. Some fills your heart with the energy and inspiration to go forth and actually do the work. This beautifully-crafted training weekend does all of the above, wrapped in an incredibly supportive, transformative experience."

Shelley Delayne
Founder @ Orange Coworking

"What I experienced this weekend is something I’ve been looking for my entire life…It’s helping me facilitate communication I didn’t think was possible, and it’s let me look inward and realize that a lot of the interpersonal interactions I have had with people have been entirely in my head."

Christian Jakubowicz

Leadership From Truth

We live in an age of massive cultural transition. Being a “leader” can feel like trying to keep boats afloat in a storm, or standing on shifting sand.

You don't have to get it right alone.

Our trainings offer a direct experience of honest, creative, empathetic facilitation that will leave you feeling confident to take agency in any situation – whether it be a boardroom or a conversation with someone you love.

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