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Ever find yourself in those cringe-worthy moments when a conversation takes a turn for the awkward, heated, or just plain uncomfortable? 

Ever felt tongue-tied or sweaty-palmed at the thought of a tough talk?


Ever found yourself squirming in your seat at the thought of addressing a sensitive topic with your team?


Ever felt a surge of anxiety at the thought of discussing finances, marriage, or kids with your partner? 


We've ALL been there. It's a common struggle and you are not alone. 


Your professional and personal success depends on your ability to have those tough chats...


That's where The Art of Difficult Conversations comes in. 


We give people the skills they need to show up authentically during tough chats. 
We teach people how to "fight" better.

Individuals and leaders come to The Art of Difficult Conversations seeking solutions to these exact pain points.


This course is the ultimate toolkit for mastering those tough talks with finesse, and you'll walk away knowing how to:

🌟 Confidently navigate conversations you've been avoiding.

🌟 Communicate in a way that’s clear, understood, and leads to action.

🌟 Authentically show up yourself during tense situations with friends, family, or partners when discussing your needs.

🌟 Respond and not react when tempers are high and reason has been thrown out the window.

🌟 Cultivate a team culture where conflict leads to innovation instead of avoidance.

🌟 Make meetings productive spaces for decision-making, not battlegrounds or silence zones. 

🌟 Transform feedback sessions into opportunities for growth rather than tension.

🌟 Find a balance in leading with empathy without sacrificing your own well-being.

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I need this for my team!

Let's face it, mastering difficult conversations is also about embracing the discomfort of growth. It's recognizing that you're a work in progress and being okay with that. 

Meet your facilitators

Who is behind The Art of Difficult Conversations?

Sara Ness

Sara Ness is a facilitator, teacher, and community-builder who helped popularize the fields of Authentic Relating and Circling. Her passion lies in facilitating authentic and connective communication among teams, and for individuals.

Sara has worked with tens of thousands of students in sectors from Google to Mindvalley to Burning Man, teaching authentic leadership and authentic communication. She is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through relationship.

Geof Krum

Geoffrey Hamilton Krum is a producer, facilitator, manager, photographer, chef, poet, and difficult conversationalist. His passion is in creating beautiful, no-bullshit human-centered systems that run themselves while slowly transforming the world.

Geof has managed thousands of employees and volunteers before beginning training for Authentic Revolution. He is currently Producer and Dean of Authentic Revolution's Facilitation Academy, working with clients such as Dell and the National Weather Services to address difficult leadership situations.

"Regardless if you’re the visionary CEO of an organization, the team leader of a start up, or someone looking to communicate better with their partner – The Art of Difficult Conversations is for you!"

Here's how you can master the art of difficult conversations

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I need this for my team!

You're a leader, or part of a team and...


→ You notice your heart rate pick up every time you think about discussing underperformance with a key team member.

→  You’ve sent an email meant to clarify project goals, only to find it sparked confusion and frustration. Now, there’s a thread of 20 emails, and you’re no closer to alignment.

→  Every time you give constructive feedback, it either gets defensive responses or disheartened team members. You’re starting to wonder if there’s a way to help people grow without causing upset or if you’re doomed to walk on eggshells forever.

→  Your team shies away from disagreement, choosing polite consensus over robust discussion. This avoidance is stifling innovation and leaving problems to fester, creating an undercurrent of unaddressed issues and resentment.

→  Your team meetings are becoming battlegrounds or, worse, silent stalemates. 

→  You’ve been trying to lead with empathy and understanding, but it’s starting to feel like a one-way street. You’re giving so much to manage everyone else’s emotional states and work preferences that you’re left drained, with little left for your own well-being.

After the ADC life will look more like:


☑️ You're able to address conflicts head-on. Instead of things getting awkward, they get resolved – making your team stronger and more united. Picture being in a team meeting where everyone is open and honest, even about the tough stuff.

☑️ You embrace vulnerability in your leadership. You have the courage to confront your fears, doubts, and insecurities, and say, "I'm working on this." You show up, flaws and all, and recognize that it's part of your growth journey. This program isn't just about navigating tough talks with others; it's about being brave enough to have those talks with yourself.

☑️ You make decisions as a team where everyone feels heard and respected. No one's left feeling sidelined or ignored. Instead, decisions are made collaboratively, and everyone leaves the meeting feeling clear, motivated, and valued –  creating a workplace culture where people feel safe to speak up, share ideas, and even voice their concerns.

☑️ You’re someone others can trust, respect and relate to. You’re able to lead in a way that's not just about giving orders but about connecting with your team or community on a deeper level.

☑️ Your team members actively seek out feedback and touch conversations. They're not afraid of hearing the hard truths; they're hungry for them because they want to improve and succeed. Instead of disagreements tearing people apart, they bring your team closer together. Different perspectives become opportunities for innovation, not sources of tension.

These scenarios aren't just frustrations…

…They’re signposts that there’s a better way to communicate, lead, and create a culture of openness and growth.

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You're ready to have "those" convos with your partner, your family, or your boss...

→ You feel under-appreciated and drastically underpaid in your current role and need to find a way to ask for a raise.

→ You always bear the weight of keeping everyone happy and motivated, wondering if anyone truly understands the pressure and the delicate balancing act you’re performing every day.

→ You get super anxious every time you have to set boundaries with a friend.

→ Your one aunt keeps bringing up the next election and you have to bite your tongue to ensure you don't say something you might regret.

→ You're hesitant to address a recurring issue with your landlord about maintenance problems in your apartment because you fear it might strain your relationship and lead to an uncomfortable living situation.

→ You're considering a career change but are unsure how to navigate the transition with your boss, commitments, and family. Not to mention the conversation about income you need to have with your partner. 

If your first thought was "this was me today'…

…It's a sign you are lacking the tools you need to calm that inner turmoil, sift through the noise and find clarity.

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It's time you learned how to "fight" better

During this 8 week course you can expect:

Practice Labs & On-Demand Lessons

  • 2 hour long, highly experiential classes
  • 90 minute Fight Labs where you can practice difficult situations real-time
  • All sessions are recorded
  • Attendance is non-mandatory

The Essential Course Playbook

  • A 40-page e-book included in the course
  • Accessible upon enrollment, including:
  • Meticulously researched conflict interventions
  • Practical exercises and practices
  • An ample supply of memes 

Personalized Support & Resources

  • Membership in the ADC Community
  • Access to discussions on course content
  • Resources shared regularly throughout the course
  • Opportunity to join practice triads
  • Weekly conflict skill enhancement games


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