Guides to enhance your Authentic Relating Skills.

Authentic Relating Games Manual

How we communicate shapes our world. Whether it's with ourselves, our friends, our romantic partners, or with coffeeshop strangers, our lives are held within an interpersonal play-space that we barely understand...until now! 

Authentic Relating Games are a collection of extensively tested, masterfully facilitated experiences that give players a hands-on taste of both the joy and skills of interpersonal connection. This manual contains over 150 Games and variations.

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Note: If you cannot afford the price of any of these manuals, please email us at [email protected] with some details about how you want to bring this work into the world and we'll do our best to accommodate your request!

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The Art of Difficult Conversations Reboot

This 70-page e-book is your guide to having difficult conversations, with anyone in your life. Inside, you’ll find meticulously researched conflict interventions, practices to try, stories, and lots of memes.

Price: $20

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Circling Guide

Circling is a proven practice for working with self, other, and relationship from a place of honesty and regard.  This guide will show you how to use circling to improve your relationships.

Price: $12

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Online Connection Games

Is it possible to create profound connection with a screen between us, with groups of any size?

Absolutely! This guide contains 14 Authentic Relating Games specifically re-written for an online format, including instructions on what to put in chat and how to divide up breakout rooms. It also includes a bonus guide to technology and troubleshooting on Zoom.

Price: $10 

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Social Technology for the Workplace

Build trust, psychological safety, and a shared sense of purpose – without sacrificing your mission.

Price: $5

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Creating Authentic Community Manual

This guide will take you through the preparation and planning to the creation and facilitation of events to find and create community.

Price: $15

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Relationship Survival Guide

Five steps and many suggestions for keeping a relationship strong, sexy, sneaky, and honest!  This guide  contains 7+ pages of great questions and games for your relationship, such as "The Google Game", "Empathy", "Touching Desire", and "If you really knew me, you would know..."

Price: $10

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Authentic Relating Aftercare

Congrats! You attended an Authentic Relating Games Night! Or a Circling event? Or maybe you read the Games Manual, or had a connection using presence and curiosity. Whatever it was, you might be asking...what comes next? 

What are the core principles of AR, or the aftercare you need to integrate your experience? We've got it right here - a document on integration, and deeper exploration into authenticity everyday. 

Price: $3

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Social Freedom Tribe Games Manual

The Social Freedom Tribe was founded by Shane Orton. The first event was facilitated by Rob Hamshar and Shane Orton in parallel with their coaching practice of taking clients to busy, social places and doing various practices to release the feeling of social pressure so that everyone involved could feel as free to do what they want as they would alone or at their most confident. As the Social Freedom Tribe events continued, they evolved more and more and their range of topics became wider and deeper. These are games that have either been invented or modified for the Social Freedom Tribe events.

Price: $5

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Authentic Relating Games Mini-Manual

Want to create deep connection, anywhere?

The AR Games Mini-Manual brings you the best of the AR Games Manual in just 8 Games, plus awesome bonuses like a conscious communication lexicon, culture-building Agreements, and questions to deepen any conversation.


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Building Utopia: How to Create Intentional Living Communities

Building Utopia takes you on a journey across the country and across systems of thought, looking for the answers to how lasting, fulfilling community can be built. 

The book integrates years of theoretical research with a hands-on trip to communities around America. It combines stories of life ranging from communes in Virginia, to meetings at the Boulder Integral Center, with a comprehensive toolkit on how to build living and working communities of any kind.

Price: $18

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