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Whether you are...

A New Leader


You've found a cause, company, or community that you care about. You want to support them - but you don't have the training or experience to do that really well.

You need effective, adaptable skills with immediate application, and a network of peers.

A Growing Leader


You're building a client base as a coach, therapist, or entrepreneur, and need to lead workshops or groups well to enroll and support your clients.

You want to serve them deeply and keep them coming back, without being "salesy".

A Leader in Transition


You're starting a new job or a new position, and need management, leadership, or facilitation training.

You know you don't want the "command and control" structure of traditional leadership. You want to be flexible, trustable, and still highly effective.

...this training will serve you.


What You Get

90+ Video Lessons


Our 9 master facilitators share their knowledge, experience, and top tips on:

  • Facilitation theory and practical skills
  • Leadership Stories: successes and fails
  • Demonstrations, worksheets, event templates, and practical assignments

Course Content

15 modules of rich experiential education

Facilitate with confidence and grace.


The world needs leaders like you.

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What Makes Us Unique

Throughout this training, you’ll learn to facilitate in a way that is...


Community Based

As the Tao To Ching says “When the leader leads, the people say ‘Look! We did it, all by ourselves.”

In our training, you will learn to become the type of a leader who instantly empowers those around them. You will use the ART of Leadership - Authentic, Responsive, and Transparent - to create communities in which everyone has a role and a say, but goals still get met.

Our experience within hundreds of groups has proved that this style of facilitative leadership completely transforms how people interact with you, each other, and themselves.


Authentic and Transparent

Many people feel drained by leadership because they believe they need to change who they are -- that who you are at work, or in front of a group, can’t be the same as who you are off the clock. It takes a lot of energy to maintain two separate selves. You also miss out on the trust that can be built with groups when you show up in a genuine, vulnerable way.

In this training, you’ll learn when, why, and how to express authentically in a way that comes across as strong and trustable instead of “too much”.

We’ve seen the “double-personal” approach cripple groups and organizations with gossip, collusion, and toxic relating. We want you to have another option.


Responsive and Dynamic

Things can change quickly with plans and group dynamics -- just look at what happened with the global pandemic! Gathering feedback and being able to shift your approach will make sure you can thrive in uncertain situations, support your credibility and build participants’ trust in your leadership.

This facilitation style transfers responsibility from the leader to the group (of which the leader is a part), creating more buy-in from everyone involved.

We’ll teach you the best practices for soliciting feedback, creating a responsive and collective way to pivot, and increasing the resilience of any group you participate in.

Video Library Coaches

Sara Ness

Authentic Revolution

Shawn Kent

Amala Foundation, Austin Juvenile Court, Austin Independent School District

Megan Morrison

The Thriving Creator, MTM Coaching & Consulting

Jason Digges

Authentic Relating Training International

Carrie Patrick

Dell Technologies Leadership and SEL Trainer

Micah Sutton

InPresence Experience, ALT Lead Facilitator

Geof Krum

Cheshire Events,
Authentic Revolution

Dr. Hazel-Grace Yates

Sex Catalyst Academy

Jennifer Nicolaisen

Seek Healing,
How to Human Better

Ahran Lee

Ancestral Pattern Shifter
at A Place of Her Own

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