The Authentic Facilitator


The world needs leaders like you

Whether you are...

A New Leader


You've found a cause, company, or community that you care about. You want to support them - but you don't have the training or experience to do that really well.

You need effective, adaptable skills with immediate application, and a network of peers.

A Growing Leader


You're building a client base as a coach, therapist, or entrepreneur, and need to lead workshops or groups well to enroll and support your clients.

You want to serve them deeply and keep them coming back, without being "salesy".

A Leader in Transition


You're starting a new job or a new position, and need management, leadership, or facilitation training.

You know you don't want the "command and control" structure of traditional leadership. You want to be flexible, trustable, and still highly effective.

...this training will serve you.


What You Get

100+ Video Lessons


Our 10 master facilitators will share knowledge, experience, and top tips that you can't find anywhere else.

Every week, you'll have 30-60 minutes of recommended watching - and, hours of extra content to peruse before, during, or after your training. The content will be available indefinitely!

You'll also get reflection questions and assignments for every module.

Weekly Practice Calls


Join your fellow students for weekly 120-minute coaching calls where you will learn, connect, and receive feedback from your coaches to level up your skills.

You also get access to a bi-weekly 1-hour Facilitation Fight Lab, for customized practice of the toughest leadership situations.

And, you'll join a triad of other students to practice in small community.

Leadership Opportunities


Over the course of 15 weeks, We'll support you to create and lead multiple public and private events. You'll get:

  • Tens of sample plans and successful pitches we've used, from community events to corporate facilitation
  • Methods to assess and research potential audiences
  • Custom templates to plan your events

Upcoming Cohorts


No live coached cohorts are currently scheduled.
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Course Content

15 modules of rich experiential education

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