Team Workshops

Designed to build strong work relationships and enhance team communication. Our experiential sessions focus on empathy, mutual respect, and psychological safety, providing concrete tools like Peer Coaching and conflict resolution. Ideal for creating a more connected and effective team culture.

Building Strong Work Relationships

Google's Project Aristotle studied 180 teams for 2 years. They found that the highest performing groups excelled in empathy and psychological safety. Great teams have a climate of trust and respect where people can speak their minds and be themselves without fear.

This hands-on, experiential workshop is designed to build empathy, mutual respect and team cohesion. This workshop is a “reset” button for creating a more connected team culture.

What to expect:

  • We’ll create a space where people see each other as humans and not just as vehicles for getting work done. This builds empathy, respect, and psychological safety.

  • Learn concrete tools like Peer Coaching that help team members continue to build personally and professionally nourishing relationships after the workshop is over.

Building a Team Communication Toolkit

Great teams don’t magically get along – they have tools and norms for sharing ideas, giving feedback, and dealing with conflict. This is a highly interactive workshop that helps your team experience an array of communication tools and figure out what makes sense to adopt.

What to expect:

  • Learn concrete tools for giving and receiving feedback (without getting defensive,  productively addressing conflict, preventing new conflicts, and managing crucial conversations.
  • Put tools into practice by working through real tensions or uncertainties with team members in a safe environment. (This  requires trust and often follows the “Building Strong Work Relationships” workshop).

Team Dynamics Leadership Training

“The Master doesn't talk, he acts. When his work is done, the people say, ‘Amazing: we did it, all by ourselves!’”

– Lao Tzu, Tao Te Ching

Working on teams involves navigating complex interpersonal dynamics. This training focuses on developing awareness for the way we interact with others and the impact we have –particularly in response to challenging situations and conditions of uncertainty.

This program is usually delivered as an in-person, 1-2 day immersive experience but can be tailored to other contexts.

What to expect:

  • Exercises designed to cultivate self awareness, the ability to receive feedback, empathetic awareness of others, and a willingness to see oneself through others’ eyes.

  • Skill development for communicating clearly, openly and proactively while balancing individual needs and desires with those of the group or organization.

  • This is a hands-on, interactive workshop where learning happens through experiential exercises with other participants.

"The most striking aspect of your workshop was the fact that you gave me space to communicate our challenges to you ahead of time, without shame or fear, and then you used all of that information to carefully craft an experience that was perfectly tailored to our needs. We all left the workshop having experienced a powerful shift."

Nicholette Routhier
Terra Incognita

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