Sara helps heart-centered leaders...

Craft transformative experiences, foster authentic connection &  inspire lasting impact.


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Sara helps heart-centered leaders...

Craft transformative experiences, foster authentic connection &  inspire lasting impact.

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Through strategic design and empathetic leadership, Sara helps organizations, communities, and coaches not only to navigate challenges but to emerge stronger, more connected, and more adaptable to change.

Renowned Leadership Mentor to Fortune 500 CEOs, Global Heart-Centered Communities & Visionary Coaches

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Empowering Heart-Centered Leaders to Craft Impactful Experiences & Engaged Communities


You're a trailblazing leader, driven by a burning desire to make a difference. 

You're a visionary who is passionate about building cultural systems, where team members feel valued, inspired, and empowered to contribute their best work.

Your mission is all about fostering real connections, boosting community well-being, and creating spaces where genuine growth happens.

But let's be real, it's not all smooth sailing. 

You're facing the challenge of engaging an audience that's increasingly disconnected, figuring out how to design programs that actually grab people's attention and get them to say ‚Äúyes‚ÄĚ, and leading initiatives that bring about real change, not just promises.

You're here because you want to amp up your impact. 

You want to create experiences that hit people right in the feels and lead projects that genuinely shake things up. 

You get that it’s not about flashy gestures; it’s about  leading with empathy and vulnerability, saying the things nobody else will, and rallying folks from all walks of life around a common cause.

You've got a vision, but you know it takes more than just wishful thinking to make it happen. 

It's about crafting experiences that resonate, leading with heart, and bringing people together to make magic.


Work with Sara

Let's turn your big dreams for your community into something real, something people can feel and be a part of.

I'm Sara and I've spent years figuring out what makes people tick, how to bring them together, and how to turn a simple gathering into a movement that sticks.  

I bring a rich background of experience in making connections that count, guiding groups without burning out, and building spaces where everyone feels like they matter.

Experience Design Consultation Works Like This:

Deep Vision and Goals Assessment

The first step is to dig into what your mission's really about. Together, we'll delve into your organization's deepest desires and goals. From broad ideals to specific outcomes, we'll clarify your mission, ensuring alignment with your vision for transformative change.

Heartbeat Brainstorming

People remember moments more than information. Through our consulting we will carefully outline the pivotal milestones and heartbeats of your events and programs. Together, we'll design a curated journey that guides your participants from moments of disconnection to a profound exploration of purpose. 

Blueprint  Development 

Let’s make listening to your community an essential part of creating for it. I'll show you how to not just hear what people are saying but make it a big part of what you do next. By making their needs and desires a cornerstone of your approach, your programs will resonate deeply, fostering genuine engagement and driving meaningful impact.

Ongoing Consultation

Our partnership extends far beyond the event itself. I'm committed to offering continuous consultation and retrospective sessions, fostering ongoing growth and evolution. Together, we'll delve into the profound impact of our collaboration, refine strategies with precision, and uncover fresh avenues for transformative change. 

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Your Leadership Consultant & Culture Architect:          Sara Ness 

Sara Ness is the CEO and Chief Catalyst at Authentic Revolution, the Community Guru at the social health nonprofit Seek Healing, and an advisor to the rationalist organization Rethink Wellbeing.

When Sara was 20 years old, she catalyzed a worldwide movement of human connection, and has since influenced over 10,000 students on every continent except Antartica. She has trained the leaders of Fortune 50 companies such as Google and Dell to be more empathetic and authentic in their work, and held extended internal trainings for Mindvalley, Rebel Wisdom, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Her work has been used by CEOs, university professors, climate experts, and AI researchers to connect people during wars, classes, board meetings, and epidemics.

Sara is a trained mediator with the International Mediation Campus and a trained Circler with both Circling Europe and The Integral Center. She is widely acclaimed as an expert in the fields of experience design, facilitation, and community-building.

Let's Make Something Real Together: 

 This isn't just about throwing events or launching a new program or initiative; it's about crafting experiences that leave a mark, that bring people closer, and that drive real change. 

If you're ready to step up as a leader who doesn't just follow the crowd but sets the pace, who doesn't just talk about change but makes it happen, then we're on the same page. Let's make something real together.

This is your invite to something bigger.

Imagine creating spaces that don't just meet expectations but blow them out of the water. Spaces where every moment counts and every interaction adds up to a transformation. 
That's what we can do together.


I’m talking breakthroughs in communication, a deeper sense of purpose, and a team dynamic that feels more like family, like I've done with others:

"An hour spent with Sara, will save your group hours and hours of wasted time in the meeting/business/rehearsal room." - Meghan Dwyer

"Sara Ness was a pleasure to work with. She not only provided a safe space to talk about any grievances, but also effective ways to communicate in order to remedy situations." - Sarah Martin

"With Sara's work, we were able to build an environment that disrupted the dynamics of our usual team retreat." - Eni Selfo

"I'm really proud and grateful and just awestruck at having the opportunity to be mentored by this wonderful human." - Taylor

They saved time, found new depths in their work, and tapped into potential they didn't even know they had. 

And you can, too.

With my blend of¬†strategy,¬†empathy, and¬†relationship building, we'll design experiences that aren‚Äôt just events ‚ÄĒ they‚Äôre unforgettable journeys that foster deeper, more meaningful connections within your organization and community.

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Need more proof of how well this works?

Let's rewrite the script on leadership and empower you to lead with authenticity, empathy, and impact.  

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