Case Study

Read how AuthTeams improved a remote team’s cohesion, communication, and support through tailored workshops. Our strategies helped address turnover, performance issues, and team friction, resulting in a more empathetic and connected team.


Our client was a remote team that works primarily through email, Zoom and Slack.

The team got along well but had recently faced several issues:

  1. The team’s role within the organization was evolving, resulting in some turnover.

  2. The team had an issue with a dishonest outside vendor, resulting in a missed deadline.

  3. Several members had performance and accountability concerns, which created friction.

This left individuals with feelings they did not always have space to fully express. Team members developed tensions with each other and were less invested in the identity of the group.


The team was remote, so there were few occasions for casual social contact to help clear the air. The manager also felt that team members were unaware of each other’s skills and needs.

Working with the manager, we identified several goals:

  1. Help team members develop empathy, respect and understanding for each other.

  2. Create spaces for safe communication and to clear any feelings that create divisions.

  3. Reinforce the team’s sense of shared commitment, connection, and mutual support through communication and feedback tools that make work enjoyable and productive.


The team decided to do two 2-hour workshops via Zoom.

Workshop 1: Team Cohesion & Communication

  1. Help team members gain a better understanding of each other, increase empathy and listening, and view each other as humans vs. vehicles for getting work done.

  2. Introduce communication and conflict resolution tools that can be implemented in team meetings and 1:1’s.

Workshop 2: Peer Coaching & Mutual Support

  1. Develop the practice of Peer Coaching to create safe 1:1 spaces to talk about work and help each other.

  2. Discuss the team’s shared values, goals, and best practices.



I would recommend this workshop to other teams: 9/10.


Post workshop, the team implemented the tools they learned:

“I had a team member use the word "seeds" in a conversation last week as a reason to give someone a small piece of feedback that otherwise might not have been said.”


Employees report working with AuthTeams made them:

  • Feel more connected to my coworkers – 100% Agree
  • Become more empathetic & understanding of coworkers – 100% Agree
  • Feel like my organization cares about me as a person – 100% Agree
  • Improved the team's work culture – 91% Agree


“This meeting has been one of the best work meetings I have ever had. It made me realize how important it is to feel connected with my teammates.“

“The meeting makes me feel human, and not just another worker.”

“Thank you for holding these sessions! The facilitators were great - frequently modeling vulnerability and expressing appreciation for what we shared.”

“This workshop is really helpful and amazing.”

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