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 We all crave connection and a sense of belonging. We want deep relationships with our friends, loved ones, and even with strangers.


On the COnnect platform, you can learn and practice the skills you need to do exactly that. 


Welcome to your space to cultivate empathy, intimacy, and authentic communication skills.


Make relationship an art.

“In being part of this community, I shift my relating and communicating such that I view my relationships as an art form, and I become a relational artist. There are so many benefits to viewing human connection that way. I am seeing more freedom and opportunity where I didn’t see it before. By practicing regularly, you’ll discover depths and opportunities for love, connection, closeness, intimacy, and belonging that you didn’t even know were possible. You will enter new dimensions of what’s available in connection.”

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Be part of the movement with inspiring events 365 days of the year.

 Join COnnect members from all over the world to engage in growth-oriented events that will inspire you, develop your communication skills, and nourish your soul with deep connection and community.

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Benefits of joining COnnect:

  • Learn communication skills at our facilitated facilitated Circling and Authentic Relating events featuring connection-focused games/exercises.

  • Enjoy better relationships with more connection and effective communication.

  • Experience the enjoyment, connection, and satisfaction of being part of a relational community.
  • Cultivate skills of empathy, vulnerability, authentic self expression.
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What's on COnnect?

Authentic Relating and Circling resources, community, daily facilitated Zoom events, structured 1-1 and group programs and more!

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Meet Our Facilitators

"I am grateful for the COnnect platform and the form it so diligently holds. In the relative stability of this container I develop personally, becoming increasingly fluent in my relationships. A marvelous training ground for life and a place to call home. Thank you."

E. Nicolas Mortimer

"I have been to quite a few circles on COnnect now. Every single one of them has been rich and meaningful and awesome and respectful and honoring. I am amazed at the level of communication and feel very fortunate to have found this, and that it is available to me. "


""Because I live in a place with no circling or AR games, the COnnect platform makes it possible for me to participate in these practices. I've found the facilitators to be very effective and the online setting works surprisingly well. I enjoy how caring and safe the circles feel to me, helping me feel supported enough to challenge myself. I'm growing as a listener and growing in taking agency, and I know this growth makes me a better partner, parent, friend, and teacher."

Kelly Elmore
in Atlanta, Georgia

"After a handful of circling events, I'm already seeing an improvement in how I interact with my family. When my wife is venting about something, I'm more able to simply hold the experience and help her explore it instead of trying to fix it. This is so vital to deeper connection and it just feels good. I'm feeling grateful for space to explore and practice this. "

Ben M.
in Alabama

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Free for 15 days. $40/month thereafter.

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