An online platform for Authentic Relating and Circling.

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Build Your Tribe.

We crave to know and be known. Conscious connection is now available anytime, worldwide. On COnnect, we invest in each other to create epic relationships like never before.

Hone Your Skills.

Mastery takes practice. It’s easy to get better together. As a collective we help each other stretch ourselves, whether the intent is to work with groups or simply to improve our own relationships.

Share the Connection.

There are dozens of Authentic communities in the world today. On COnnect, you can build connections in new places and stay in touch with folks you've met abroad. Wherever you go, you're home.

What's on COnnect?

Authentic Relating and Circling resources, community, and daily events on Zoom. All Week. Every Week.

"Authentic World has given me a great opportunity to connect and grow with others from around the world. I’m grateful that a platform exists where I can regularly have a deep dive from the comfort of my own home. It has REALLY helped me hone my skills in connection with other people."

Chris Gongaware
in Oahu, Hawaii

"I’m continually surprised at the transformation in myself and the other participants between the beginning of our online call and the end of it. We come in feeling maybe lonely, disconnected, isolated and leave feeling connected, joyful and with a feeling of belonging"

Patrick Wolf
in Los Angeles, California

""Because I live in a place with no circling or AR games, this platform makes it possible for me to participate in these practices. I've found the facilitators to be very effective and the online setting works surprisingly well. I enjoy how caring and safe the circles feel to me, helping me feel supported enough to challenge myself. I'm growing as a listener and growing in taking agency, and I know this growth makes me a better partner, parent, friend, and teacher."

Kelly Elmore
in Atlanta, Georgia

"After a handful of circling events, I'm already seeing an improvement in how I interact with my family. When my wife is venting about something, I'm more able to simply hold the experience and help her explore it instead of trying to fix it. This is so vital to deeper connection and it just feels good. I'm feeling grateful for space to explore and practice this. "

Ben M.
in Alabama

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