Authentic Leadership Training Austin 


September 15-17, 2023

Leadership isn’t something you can learn only from books.


Effective leadership requires practice: the chance to try, do it "wrong", get feedback, and try again.

But practicing leadership skills can be scary. We’re afraid we might mess up, or freeze. We might lose people's trust. We might miss the moment to say the right thing. 

To learn, we need:

  1. A safe space where we can try new things, and see others model them as well.
  2. A community that is committed to our success, and ready to hold us so we can learn from what we did wrong.
  3. Experiences of leading from our most authentic self where the risk is low, but the rewards are great.


Want to experience that?


Over the past 10 years of leading evolutionary communities, Authentic Revolution has developed a training process that will help you tune into your personal knowledge and intuition, read what a group needs, adjust course quickly, and lead from authenticity.

Our 800+ graduates have taken the social technology of Authentic Relating into areas from therapy sessions to executive teams, children’s classrooms to the Coast Guard. And 98% of them would recommend this training to other leaders.

Whatever you're leading - groups, life, friendships - come play, come try, come learn. Come practice being the leader you've always wanted to be, in a community that wants exactly who you are. 

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What is the ALT?

"A training that changed me as a person to be able to help change the world."
Chris G, Hawaii
"Practical, adapted to tough real-world situations. It is also spiritually uplifting and fun."
Matthew H, Austin
"Like 3 years of therapy in 3 days. Powerful stuff."
Kathy M, Dallas
"If you want to sharpen your leadership skills and deepen your ability for interpersonal connection, there is no better training."
Austin Participant 

What You'll Learn:

Video Poster Image

 - How to construct powerful experiences for groups of any kind
- How, when and why to express your truth in leadership
- How to enroll others in your vision and make them want to follow
- Your personal leadership superpowers and shadows
- Leading in situations of uncertainty and unknown
- The ART of Facilitative Leadership: Authentic, Responsive, and Transparent

Research Benefits of the Authentic Leadership Training



September 15-17



Friday 3 - 10 pm CT
Saturday 10 am - 9 pm
Sunday 10 am - 9 pm


LEADS - Sara Ness + Geof Krum


LOCATION - Bastrop, TX (About 45 min. East of Austin)


All meals and lodging will be provided.

 Included in the cost are:
  1. Housing and food
  2. A course manual and followup information
  3. Digital manuals on creating Authentic Relating events, practices, and community
  4. Supplementary videos
  5. Inclusion into the worldwide Authentic Relating facilitator community and support group
  6. Regular free training events around facilitation and community-building

Expand your leadership and your community. 



$750 Early Bird (before August 15)

$850 regular


We do our best to accommodate all current and prospective leaders.  In service of this, we offer payment plans and a number of scholarships.

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Want ALL the Training?

Get the Authentic Leadership Training plus enrollment in the next cohort of The Authentic Facilitator — a 15-Week comprehensive facilitation training with personalized coaching — for only $2850. That's $500 off!


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Meet Your Leads

Sara Ness

Sara is an instigator of authenticity, facilitator of connection, and awkward turtle of social situations. She has worked with tens of thousands of students in sectors from Google to Mindvalley to Burning Man, facilitating authentic leadership and communication. She is the author of the source text for her field, co-founded and ran two of the longest-running Authentic Relating communities in the world, and built an online platform for connection practices that ran events for more than 1,200 consecutive days.

Her writings and teaching have led to the foundation of 30+ authentic relating communities, performance troupes, nonprofits, several independent businesses, and at least one baby. Passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through relationship, she is most lit up by creating things – projects, books, movements, systems, anything that her heart and brain can chew on at the same time.

Geof Krum

Geof is an artist, producer, facilitator, entrepreneur, and none of these labels. He has managed thousands of employees and volunteers to manifest everything from festivals to juice manufacturing operations. Geof's passion is in creating beautiful, no-bullshit human-centered systems that run themselves while slowly transforming the world.

Geof prides himself in the artful coordination of passionate specialists toward common goals.

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