Geof empowers visionary leaders...

Unlock transformative experiences, leverage conflict for good, and implement EQ strategies for a better life

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Geof empowers visionary leaders...

Unlock transformative experiences, leverage conflict for good, and 

implement EQ strategies for a better life

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Transform Challenges into Meaningful Change &

Create Unforgettable Experiences


You're a visionary leader or event facilitator dedicated to creating experiences that inspire, transform, and foster deep connections within your community or organization – but in a world of rapid change and evolving expectations, you're facing challenges in designing experiences, offers, or events that truly resonate and drive meaningful impact. Your conflicts are leaving untapped growth on the table.


You're grappling with the need to reimagine your approach to event design, training programs, or community engagement initiatives to create experiences that leave a lasting impression and engender belonging.


There are thousands of programs, events, retreats, and festivals out there – so why would they come to yours? 


You recognize the importance of integrating experiential learning, innovative design principles, and empathetic leadership to drive positive change and build resilient communities.


Not just for the sake of it, but to create real, tangible change and resilient joy.

So now imagine if you could...

...facilitate productive discussions that resolved tensions, lead to clearer communication, improved trust, and heightened team morale, ultimately boosting enrollment, productivity, and performance. a conference where your team walks away buzzing with fresh ideas and renewed energy.


...turn those awkward team conflicts into opportunities for growth and stronger bonds.


...Level up your team's skills with workshops that actually, well, work. 


...Create experiences that stick with your audience long after the curtain closes on the event. 

As a leader, you should feel  confident and equipped to navigate future challenges, creating a ripple effect of positive change throughout your organization and the community.


You don't have to do that alone.

My Mentorship Approach:

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What's in it for YOU?

Elevate Impact

With my mentorship, you'll unlock the power of experience design to elevate your leadership impact. Learn how to craft immersive, engaging experiences, trainings, and group processes that bring your team together, inspire innovation, and drive results that matter to you and your organization.

Increase Innovation

By embracing conflict as a driver of creativity and innovation, Geof's clients experience boosts n creative thinking and problem-solving abilities within their teams. They would learn to leverage diverse perspectives and ideas to generate innovative solutions to complex challenges.

Measurable ROI

Deliver results you can measure. Together, we'll track the impact of your experiential initiatives, whether it's increased employee engagement, higher customer satisfaction, or improved community relations. With my help, you'll demonstrate the ROI of your efforts and secure buy-in from key stakeholders.

Human Centered Design

As the technology that drives the workplace and captivates our home lives develops, it's easy to lose sight of where true success lies. By starting design processes with the people that engage with them, you can harness the power of connection to thrive while returning dignity to your productivity.

This isn’t just about designing experiences; it’s about crafting transformative moments that leave a lasting impact on your audience and drive meaningful change within your organization or community.

Your Seasoned Experience Designer & Conflict Facilitator : Geof Krum


Geof is a pioneering force in the movement towards a more connected and authentic human experience.
As the Authentic Revolution's Pioneer of Possibility and Dean of their Facilitation Academy, he envisions a future where workplaces, public spaces, and living environments prioritize connection and community.
With a diverse background spanning event design for major clients like SXSW and HBO, executive consultation for clients at Google and Kellogg, and training deployed from factory floors to National Weather Service situation rooms, Geof brings a holistic approach to social health facilitation, drawing from client-centered psychology, group process design, and multi-cultural dimensions.
He is dedicated to combating the loneliness epidemic by empowering the next generation of social health facilitators and designers with the tools they need to invite productive connections to center stage.
Geof's expertise, empathy, and commitment to genuine connection make him a luminary in the field, inspiring individuals and organizations to create a world where every interaction fosters growth and belonging.

Now, you might be thinking, “That sounds great, Geof, but what does it actually look like?”

It looks like creating experiences that evoke emotion, spark curiosity, and inspire action.

It’s about designing leadership pathways that empower you to lead with purpose and authenticity.

It's about learning how to transform lives, workplaces, and relationships using human-centered design and emotional intelligence.

It's about learning the tools to successfully leverage conflict for creativity, and growth.

But more than anything, it’s about fostering a culture of innovation and resilience that enables your team or community to thrive in today’s ever-changing world.

It’s about creating experiences that don’t just engage but transform, leaving a lasting imprint on the hearts and minds of your audience.

I specialize in something I like to call Human Experiential Design. 

It's a holistic approach to leadership development and design that combines creative inspiration with strategic guidance, empowering you to create experiences that matter.

I believe that at the heart of every great experience is a leader who dares to dream, innovate, and inspire others to join them on the journey.

If you’re ready to elevate, amplify, and revolutionize the way you design and deliver experiences, I’m here to make that happen.

This isn't just mentorship...'s a partnership that co-creates ripples of change far beyond your immediate circle. Because I'm committed to walking that path with you, every step of the way.

The question isn’t if you’re ready to design experiences, embrace conflict, or leverage your EQ; it’s if you’re prepared to into your edge.

If your answer is a resounding yes, then let’s chat. 

I want in!

Together, we can turn your vision into reality, crafting experiences that leave a lasting legacy and inspire generations to come.

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