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Senor Trainers

Sara Ness

Sara Ness is the Founder and Chief Instigator of Authentic Revolution. She began teaching Authentic Relating in 2012, founding a thousands-strong learning community in Austin, Texas and going on to train over 350 leaders and help found 30+ other communities worldwide. Sara is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through relationship. She has facilitated at schools, companies, yoga studios, a funeral, Burning Man, and more, bringing playful social technology into the mainstream and the….non-mainstream? Sara is into suggesting ideas like push up contests in fancy restaurants and convincing other people to do them too. Hence, community leadership.

Sara works most of the time. When not doing that, she’s into acroyoga, Ecstatic Dance, cooking, and spending time with the many people she loves. She’s most lit up by creating things – projects, books, movements, systems, anything that her heart and brain can chew on at the same time.

K. Stellar Dutcher

With stars in their eyes and a guitar in hand, K. Stellar Dutcher can usually be found encouraging those who cross their path to step more radically into themselves and the world.  Stellar's specialty as a facilitator is opening a group to deeper layers of itself, and leading people into more intimate connection with self, planet and perceived other. Poet, songwriter, fundraiser and activist, Stellar offers inspiration, activation and song to anyone tuning into beloved community and an emerging, healing world.


Micah Sutton

From age 14, Micah has practiced a form of meditation called the Inpresence Experience, which focuses on cultivating a constant sense of present awareness. As such, presence has become the foundation of his life, and especially, of his teaching and facilitation.

Whether he is training beginners, or advanced facilitators, Micah strives to create a learning environment in which it is clear that mastery is not an end goal, but rather a state of mind, unique to each person, which can be cultivated in the art of facilitation.

He is a very outdoorsy kind of guy, very much in love with the beauties of nature.

Zach Robison

Zach Robison is a lead facilitator and facilitator trainer who enjoys creating a space of self-exploration that primarily focuses on cultivating interpersonal skills. He has a laidback, playful leadership style balanced by a desire to hold space for whatever depth arises.  In leading games in many different areas of life such as schools, businesses, festivals, summer camps, and leadership workshops, he has learned how to embrace what is real in any moment and have that be where we connect.

He is a practicing Life Coach in the Houston area, a massage therapist, and a regular facilitator of a weekly Authentic Relating Games night every Sunday evenings.


Hazel-Grace Yates

Hazel-Grace Yates is a radical social lubricator brimming with enthusiasm and love.  One of her many gifts is being a permissionist – welcoming people for who they are and as they are.  She has been a group facilitator in a myriad of disciplines and populations since 2000 and trained specifically in relational arts since 2014.  She has a doctorate in Human Sexuality and is passionate about exalting pleasure and ending toxic shame. She can also be seen performing acts such as balancing a broom on her nose while clapping her elbows together (really!).  


Danny Morris

Danny Morris has spent over 10,000 hours in silent retreat. He's had a dedicated practice for over a decade, including 1 year in full time retreat and 3 years living in a modern monastery. Danny is a senior teacher in the Unified Mindfulness system and a trauma informed somatic mindfulness coach. He has experience in secular mindfulness as well as various forms of Buddhist and yogic traditions, and is trained in cultivating emotional balance, somatic trauma healing, subtle energy healing, authentic relating and circling. Danny has dedicated his life to exploring the depths of meditation while integrating that practice into relationship with what it means to be human.


Brave Legend Pietri

Brave Legend Pietri has been steeped in a life long passion for health and wellness. With over 10,000 hours of professional massage and health coaching, Brave brings an integral knowledge of somatic awareness and emotional intelligence to the ALT team.  His bold flavor of leadership balances sacred masculinity tempered with the grace of the mature feminine, making him a man who deeply respects the space for others to authentically discover and express themselves.

Brave is masterful at guiding collective groups to work together to create lasting and satisfying communities. He’s been an active leader in the Mankind Project and the Austin Authentic Relating communities for almost a decade.

Brave lives in Austin TX, with his partner Megan Rose and their dog Cedar Bear and cat Dori Kitty. In his free time he loves outdoors, woodworking, house projects, eating and spending time with friends.


Megan Rose Browning

Megan Rose Browning - Bio coming Soon!


Jonathan Van Matre

Jonathan Van Matre is a leader, facilitator, coach, and entrepreneur who specializes in facilitating human growth and connection. He guides people into greater awareness of their own truth, and greater expression of the deepest truth of how they relate to one another.

He is the founding president of Connect Humanity, a non-profit devoted to fostering connection, compassion and empathy. Jonathan also offers 1-to-1 and group coaching through Jonathan Van Matre Insight Coaching, Connection Everyday (, re-parenting workshops with Coming Home To Love, and a new approach to men’s work as a co-founder of Whole Heart Brotherhood. 

Jonathan has staffed or co-led more than ten Authentic Leadership Trainings and three Emergent Leadership Trainings with Authentic Revolution. He seeks to create a better world by creating spaces where each of us can find the support and courage to step into our fullest potential.


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