Authentic Communication Essentials

Know yourself - and be yourself - with calm confidence.

Do you sometimes find yourself thinking something really matters, but you just can’t bring yourself to say it?

Or, find yourself in situations that don't quite feel right, yet you continue along feeling uncomfortable?

The course will help you discover who you are and what you stand for more deeply, and give you tools to begin living and relating in alignment with your authentic truth. 

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Make any conversation more deeply fulfilling.

According to one study, we spend 70 to 80 % of our waking life in communication. Wouldn't it be nice for more of that not to be about the weather?

The Deepening Conversations course will guide you to better interactions with friends, family, partners, colleagues, new acquaintances, and people you meet on the street. You'll learn how to find and maintain your curiosity - no matter how boring the topic - share your truth, name what's happening in the connection, create goodwill through appreciation, and check the places where your assumptions are holding you back.

Whether you're a born socialite or a recovering awkwardvert, take this course, and discover how good every conversation can be!

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Take agency and get what you want.

The ability to know what you want, and ask for it, will get you further in life than perhaps any other skill. Requests can get you dates, raises, rides, favors. You'd be amazed what people are up for if you just ask.

If this skill were easy, we'd have all our desires met. But, we all know the complication of asking but not being understood - asking but not being heard - asking but running up against the other person's desire, or knowing we want something but not quite knowing what it is.

The Art of Making Requests will teach you to find what you desire, state it clearly, move through rejection, and navigate mutual agreement. Everything you want is only a click away.

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Stay in connection with even the most difficult people and circumstances.

 Good communication, empathy, openness, and love. These are some of the most important skills we can employ as human beings.

But what happens when negotiations fail, or when toxic situations are poisoning our open hearts? Can we hold positive regard for people while clearly telling them "no more"?

This course will teach you how to a) set and maintain boundaries, b) fight the "boss battle" of communication (people who just don't seem to care how you think or feel), and c) stay in connection with even the most difficult people and circumstances.  

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What's Included - At a Glance

How to Find Your Authentic Self

  • What is Authenticity
  • Personal and Social Context
  • Living in Alignment with Core Values
  • Congruence in Relationship

Deepening Conversations

  • Coming From the Inside In
  • Deepening Questions
  • Following a Thread
  • Relating in the We Space
  • Checking Assumptions
  • Revealing Withholds and Appreciations

The Art of Making Requests

  • Making Requests
  • Actively Meeting Needs
  • Commitment to Connection
  • The Power of Motivation
  • Requests Skill Points


Navigating Boundaries and Challenging Relationships

  • Setting Boundaries
  • Connecting with Those Who Don't Want To Connect
  • Navigating Triggers
  • Emotional Resilience

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