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“The biggest problem with communication is the illusion that it has happened”    
- George Bernard Shaw


Communication is the fabric of our communities, families, and workplaces. But it is rare that we are taught how to do it well - what to communicate, how, to whom, and when.
Authentic Relating is the most comprehensive body of knowledge available for training these skills, and these 4 intro courses can help you get started on your journey to emotional mastery. 

The Essentials Series

Understand authenticity

Get clear on your truth, and act from your values

Communicate congruently with what you want, and who you are

Contents:  5 lessons, 3 videos, and 3 assignments

Some content included in the Authentic Life Course


Learn how to be curious

Understand the "we space" of connection

Check, assumptions, reveal withholds, and share appreciations for more connection

Contents:  8 lessons: 9 videos, and 6 assignments


Explore the deeper needs and motivations underlying your desires 

Stay in connection when you feel rejected 

Get more of what you want

Contents:  6 lessons, 8 videos, and 4 assignments

Some content included in the Authentic Life Course


Set and hold clear and caring boundaries

Connect with difficult people

Stay connected when triggered

Cultivate emotional resilience 

Contents: 5 lessons. 5 videos, and 5 assignments.


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How to Be Authentic

The complex skill of "just being yourself". 


It’s tough to feel confident, clear and engaged when you’re unclear on the inside. You might end up feeling like a people pleaser, sacrificing your own needs or desires in the hopes that your relationships feel more connected. Or you might spend time with a friend, only to end up feeling wholly unsatisfied with your conversation because you felt like you held back.

It’s time to align who you are on the inside with who you show to the world.

This course will guide you through a simple set of practices to define your core values, and check whether you’re aligned with them in the ways you show up in your relationships. You’ll feel more confident, at ease, and open to connection. And your relationships will feel more deeply satisfying because you’re no longer holding back. In short: you’ll learn how to be authentic.

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Deepening Conversations

Deeper, more fulfilling, more engaging conversations. Coming right up.


Human connection is vital nourishment for our growth. Yet as we grow older, the structure of our lives has less and less built-in connection. So how do we get the nourishment we need to thrive?

Having highly connective, really fulfilling conversations seems like something we’re supposed to just know how to do. But it still feels difficult, and at times frustrating -- and when the people we want to connect with are family, loved ones, and close friends, that sense of deep connection feels really important.

Nobody teaches us how to have deep, meaningful conversations. Well, until this course anyway. It turns out there are tools and skills that you can put into practice that immediately create more depth in daily connections.

In this course, you’ll not only learn the frameworks and questions to ask, but you’ll watch our Authentic Revolution facilitators put them into practice with each other. Then, you’ll be given assignments to take into practice in your life. You’ll finish this course with a Deep Conversations toolbox at your disposal. 

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The Art of Making Requests

Make the ask, and get what your heart desires.


It can feel difficult to ask for what we really want. We don’t want to put other people out, or feel like a burden. And what if they say no? When we get stuck in this loop, we often just hold back and don’t ask. We end up feeling misunderstood, and it’s pretty hard to actually get what we want if we stay quiet.

The ability to know what you want, and ask for it, will get you further in life than perhaps any other skill. Requests can get you dates, raises, rides, favors. You'd be amazed what people are willing to do if you just ask.

Learning to be highly skillful in how we ask, and in balancing our wants and needs with others is an entire skill set. That’s why we created a course on it!

The Art of Making Requests will teach you to get clear about what you desire, state it with precision, move through rejection (it will inevitably happen at some point!), and arrive at place of mutual agreement. 

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Boundaries and Boss Battles

Inside of any conflict, there is connection and teamwork waiting to emerge.


We are bound to have relationships that, no matter how thoughtful we try to be, just feel difficult. It can feel like we’re talking to a wall - or worse, that the other person just doesn’t care about our feelings. It might seem like these toxic situations are just destined to cause pain for our open hearts.

This is where good boundaries rush in to save the day -- and the relationship. Often we don’t want to walk away from these connections, but something has to change. We want to be able to stand our ground when we need to, with skill and kindness.

Once we learn and practice this skill our boundaries become vital communications to the people we care about. They maintain the health of our relationships. Without them, misunderstandings and a build-up of negative emotion can damage or even destroy relationships.

This course will teach you how to set and maintain boundaries, and how to turn conflicts into opportunities. 
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