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Our team is who we are. We create Authentic Revolution's trainings, resources, and experiences, and we pioneer authentic culture in our culture.

Here's who you should get to know!

Sara Ness

Chief Catalyst

Sara is the founder and CEO of Authentic Revolution. In 2012, at 20 years old, Sara founded still-ongoing learning communities in Austin and Houston that became two of the biggest AR groups in the world. She has gone on to work with tens of thousands of students in sectors from Google to Mindvalley to Burning Man. Sara's publications - including The Authentic Relating Games Manual, the core text of the Authentic Relating field - have helped seed 100+ communities in every continent (except Antarctica...yet!)

Sara is passionate about exposing the joy of human connection and exploring our creative potential through group process. She lives in community in Bastrop, Texas.

Ebony Phillips

Customer Care & ALC manager

Born to a multi-cultural, multi-generational “nomadic” family. Ebony lived in 12 countries before the age of 22. She discovered Authentic Relating at one of several life changing junctures, and loves how it has lent her new eyes in navigating the world and seeing the beautiful complexities of being human. Her favorite thing to see in others is their ability to shine and show up with their personal gifts.

Ebony likes to ask questions to find out what people need, and discover how to help get them there. She’s worked in various agencies as a volunteer, a customer service agent, a spanish interpreter, and a trainer/team lead.

Ebony lives in Spain with her quirky, adventurous dog Sadie. She likes to go on long wandering walks, loves to sing, dance like nobody's watching, engage in deep long conversations, and take courses related to body and mind awareness. She is currently training to become a Feldenkrais teacher.

Ankati Day

Copywriter and Social Media Wizard

Ankati is a question-asker, word wrangler, and the writer behind AuthRev's content and marketing. A yoga teacher and writer by profession, Ankati spent two years living in an intentional meditation community in Costa Rica. There, she studied and taught yoga and immersed herself in every workshop and experience she could. Those two years profoundly transformed how she views herself and her connection to the larger human community. Always seeking to understand the human experience more deeply, Ankati discovered Authentic Relating shortly after she returned to the US in 2015 and felt like she finally found her people.

Ankati lives in Maine with her opinionated husky, Lumi, where she spends ample time wandering the woods and listening for the thoughts of the owls when she isn't working with AuthRev.

Izzy Gifford

COnnect Community Ambassador

As Community Care Bear, Izzy is committed to supporting our members’ journeys on the COnnect platform. Welcoming newcomers and answering questions are just a few of her delights. Izzy is passionate about cultivating satisfying and sustainable community for everyone. For 10+ years she has been creating playful healing spaces that welcome the fullness of the human experience. She is fueled by fascination with emotional intelligence, communication, and group dynamics. After experiencing the healing power of community in her own life, she is convinced that it takes a whole community to raise an inner child. 

Geof Krum

Dean, Facilitation Academy


Geoffrey Hamilton Krum is an artist, producer, facilitator, entrepreneur, and none of these labels. He has managed thousands of employees and volunteers to manifest everything from festivals to juice manufacturing operations. Geof's passion is in creating beautiful, no-bullshit human-centered systems that run themselves while slowly transforming the world.

Geof prides himself in the artful coordination of passionate specialists toward common goals. He is currently Producer and Dean of Authentic Revolution's Facilitation Academy.

Shanti Tula

The Authentic Facilitator, Manager

Shanti is a desi Midwestern pixie, ideological cross-pollinator, and jack of many trades. She is the humble steward and Grandma of The Authentic Facilitator, AuthRev’s professional leadership training.

Along with many others looking for ways to combat loneliness and despair, Shanti discovered Authentic Relating during the coronavirus pandemic. Unlike other quarantine hobbies such as baking bread and gardening, AR became an integral part of Shanti’s daily life, alchemizing the ways in which she shows up for herself and others towards greater connection and wholeness.

Recognizing that the authenticity, responsiveness, and transparency at the heart of AuthRev's trainings is also the ideal bedrock for community-building, Shanti stayed on as a member of the AuthRev team. She works to empower humans to become the facilitative leaders of the compassionate and sustainable world that we all want to live in.

Jennifer Ott

Authentic Life Course Coach

Jennifer is a facilitator, coach, and mother-of-all-things who uses Authentic Relating practices to facilitate gatherings where the possibility to learn and grow through connection, vulnerability and intimacy blooms.

Jennifer has a Masters Degree in Counseling from Prescott College. She studied Integral Style Circling at the Integral Center in Boulder, CO. She has been a long-time contributor to Authentic Revolution in many roles - including Facilitator of Authentic Leadership Trainings, Happiness Officer, a founding Manager of our COnnect Authentic Relating platform, and our first ever Authentic Life Course coach. She has guided hundreds of students’ transformation with her gentle presence and skill to handle any relational challenge or opportunity.

Authentic Revolution Advisors

Jennifer Nicolaisen

Jennifer is the executive director and co-founder of SeekHealing, an Asheville-based organization using a novel “social health” protocol for treating addiction and fighting the opioid overdose crisis.

SeekHealing, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, is the first program to attempt treating addiction at the community level. It has become the sister organization to Authentic Revolution, sharing practices, programs, and inspiration as we work together to cure the loneliness epidemic.

Jason Digges

Jason is the author of Conflict = Energy: The Transformative practice of Authentic Relating. He worked for Integral Institute to create thousands of hours of educational media on transpersonal psychology, spirituality, and productivity, co-founded Authentic Relating Training International, and has led courses in twenty cities around the world.

Jason assists us as a top-notch interviewer, facilitator, and marketing consultant.

Mark Boughton

Mark has been studying communication skills and the psychology of relationships and interpersonal dynamics for over a decade. He has co-led hundreds of Circling, AR, and relational events, and now works with The Connection Institute as a coach and facilitator.

Mark managed Authentic Revolution's COnnect program for over 5 years, and assists us with consulting on the systems and team he founded.

Wouter Slegers

Wouter is the CEO of Trust CB, one of the top information security consulting firms in the world. After training at the Integral Center, he founded and led Authentic Europe for many years. 

Wouter helps Authentic Revolution as an investor and a skilled advisor for all business, community, and emotional questions.

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