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Learn with Diane Hamilton: Conflict Mediator, Zen teacher, Author of 'Everything is Workable'


If there is a difference between "great" and "world-class" facilitation, Diane is Olympic-level. She defines what is possible at the intersection of power, self-awareness, and femininity.

Sara and Diane discussed:

  • Zen meditation and conflict mediation
  • Setting up spaces for open conversation, despite power dynamics and hierarchy
  • Firing clients (or yourself)
  • Helping groups face the fear of death
  • Diane's favorite past military generals to learn from
  • The gift of following aliveness


Learn with David Fuller:  Founder of Rebel Wisdom



Sara and David discuss:

  • Catalyzing cultural movements
  • How to use language that doesn’t trigger people’s “that isn’t for me” immune systems, but can draw tens of thousands of people to conversations that cross party lines
  • Creating the re-enchantment or the world
  • Why spirituality is synonymous with bad graphic design.


Learn with Brian Robertson: Founder of Holacracy, Deliberately Developmental Systems Pioneer


Brian Robertson is one of the best-known names in this conference, so of course interviewer Sara Ness had to get him onto tracks he’s never discussed publicly before (in a conversation that ends with both of us crying).

Brian talks about:

  • The shadows and light of relational community
  • Bringing the heart back into business
  • The role of boundaries in creating strong groups, relationships, and life - even in the toughest of situations.


Learn with Fleet Maull: Founder of the Prision Mindfulness and Heart Mind Institutes, Author, Zen Priest 



In a surprisingly intimate conversation, Megan Taylor Morrison interviews Fleet Maull on:

  • Leading intensive immersion experiences at Auschwitz
  • Processing grief as a leader
  • Embracing "not knowing"
  • Exercising radical responsibility

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