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the Art of Difficult Conversations

In this special cohort of the Art of Difficult Conversations, we will focus on dialogues we can lean into in the most important relationships in our lives.

Over 8 weeks of group sessions, and optional "Fight Labs", we will explore preparing for and gracefully navigating the landscapes of potentially life changing talks with our closest family, friends, and partners.

What holds us back?

What gets in our way?

How can we transform obstacles to connection into the foundations for brilliant futures?


The Main Events

Main sessions

Our main classes will occur from 19:00–21:00 Central European Time on Tuesdays, starting 4 June, and run every week for 8 weeks. 

This means we'll meet on:

  • 4 June
    11 June
    18 June
    25 June
    2 July
    9 July
    16 July
    23 July

You will be added to the calendar event for the classes and receive a Zoom link by 28 May. If that invitation doesn't come through, let us know.

All calls will be recorded. There is no requirement to make every session. These are a service to you, not to us.


Practice Labs

Every week, we will also run a practice lab.

These are smaller groups where you can bring difficult situations that you are struggling with with your life, and we will work on them in the group. Weeks will alternate between a Fight Lab open only to students of this course, where we will workshop 1:1 conversations using course content; and a Facilitation Fear Lab open also to select members of other Authentic Revolution training programs, where we will workshop difficult situations occurring in facilitation or leadership.

Labs will happen at 18:00 CET on Fridays and run for an hour. Here's the schedule:

  • 7 June - Facilitation Fear Lab
    14 June - Fight Lab
    21 June - Facilitation Fear Lab
    28 June - Fight Lab
    5 July - Facilitation Fear Lab
    12 July - Fight Lab
    19 July - Facilitation Fear Lab
    26 July - Fight Lab
    2 August - Facilitation Fear Lab

Facilitation Fear Labs will continue every other Friday after the course completes, as a free community offering. 

Welcome to the Art of Difficult Conversations, a safer place to lean into and learn to leverage the conflicts waiting to change your life.