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Your relationships are good, but they could be better.

You could be the one to bring that change.

This is a taste of the Authentic Life Leadership course by Authentic Revolution. This mini-course will walk you through identifying the connections you want to change in your life, and start you on the process of improving them WITHOUT changing who you OR others are.

In the full ALL course, over the course of nine weeks, you'll get to explore:

  • What you want to change and what you love in your life as it is
  • The water you're swimming in - the personal, social, and environmental contexts that create how and who you are
  • How others REALLY see you - including where they rely on you and where they don't! 
  • How to make requests that get you what you actually want
  • Seeing, speaking, and creating the contexts that truly nourish you
  • How to find your curiosity and ask great questions
  • Navigating the addictive space between us
  • Why vulnerability is scary, and what to do about it
  • Relating with people who don't want to relate with you

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