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Next class begins Wednesday April 10th !



  The Authentic Life Course

    is for those who want to experience and provide powerful connections


You’ll discover how to make amazing interactions something you create, rather than something you stumble upon.

You’ll design contexts that have everyone around you more engaged and effective in their own lives.

And you’ll do it by being more fully who you are.



What You'll Receive

Weekly Lessons

Every week, you’ll get access to a new set of targeted videos, worksheets, and assignments to grow and hone your connection skills.  We’ll walk you through practices to help you uplevel your daily life – with support every step of the way.


Your group will have a dedicated coach and private Facebook group  for the duration of the training. You are also invited to attend a live call each week including: (2) ALL Office Hours with Sara Ness, and (6) Q & A sessions with your coach.


You’ll form an accountability triad with two other participants and practice with them weekly, along with people in your own life, to develop the skills to create powerful interactions in every part of your world.

Outline of Course Content

Schedule of Live Sessions

One Student's ALL Journey

Option One

Complete Package with Live Coaching Calls and Practice Triads

Just $450 for 9 weeks of transformative experiences and support to create a lifetime of better interactions!

Option Two

Self-Paced Course (no coaching or practice groups)

Just $300 for all the tools you need to facilitate your own transformation to a lifetime of better interactions!

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Live Leadership Trainings


          Over the past 5 years of leading evolutionary communities, we've developed a training that will help you tune into your personal superpowers, read what a group is offering, and lead from authenticity. We’ve taught over 450 leaders and community creators how to work with emergent leadership: agency that comes from within, not without. And we would love to share this with you.


          Our facilitators have taken the social technology of Authentic Relating – empathic, vulnerable communication – into areas from social work to psychotherapy, children’s classrooms to the Coast Guard. They have created massive change towards a better, more empathic world. We teach leaders to bring themselves into their leadership, and students to create from their own motivated joy. For more information click here!

Montreal, June 28 - 30

Registration is now open!

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Austin, Texas, June 28 - 30

Registration will open soon!

Emergent Leadership Training

Advanced 5-Day Course for ALT Graduates


January 9-13 in Austin, TX

Are you already a graduate of the Authentic Leadership Training? Want to bring your guidance a step deeper, with personalized attention, iterative feedback, tons of room to try new things and learn from others? Join us for the next Emergent Leadership Training!


Click Here To Learn More


Online Authentic Relating manuals written and compiled by Sara Ness 


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