OCTOBER 5-7, 2018


What if your leadership could be a source of creativity, inspiration, and joy?

It is possible to:

- Learn to lead from your natural gifts

- Let groups act through you, rather than acting for them

- Nurture community that nourishes you, and a life that lights you up.



What is the ALT?

             The Authentic Leadership Training helps you tune into your personal superpowers, read what a group is offering, and lead from authenticity in the moment. We teach leaders to bring themselves into their leadership, and students to create from their own motivated joy.


If you want to bring yourself more to your life and your leadership, the Authentic Leadership Training can help you discover how! 


Over the course of the weekend, we will:

- Create deep connections and community

- Train the ART of Leadership: Authentic, Responsive, Transparent

- Explore how, when and why to express yourself in leadership

- Discover your own personal Superpower(s)

- Get practice and feedback in facilitating experiences for a group

- Learn to lead from both structure and uncertainty

- Have FUN!


Course Leads

K. Stellar Dutcher

With stars in their eyes and a guitar in hand, K. Stellar Dutcher can usually be found encouraging those who cross their path to step more radically into themselves and the world.  Stellar's specialty as a facilitator is opening a group to deeper layers of itself, and leading people into more intimate connection with self, planet and perceived other. Poet, songwriter, fundraiser and activist, Stellar offers inspiration, activation and song to anyone tuning into beloved community and an emerging, healing world.


Danny Morris

Danny has spent over 10,000 hours in silent retreat.  Danny is a senior teacher in the Unified Mindfulness system and a trauma informed somatic mindfulness coach. He has experience in secular mindfulness as well as various forms of Buddhist and yogic traditions, and is trained in cultivating emotional balance, somatic trauma healing, subtle energy healing, authentic relating and circling. Danny has dedicated his life to exploring the depths of meditation while integrating that practice into relationship with what it means to be human.


Reserve a bed or pitch a tent on our gorgeous 68-acre grounds. (If the weather turns rainy, we'll all hustle indoors.)


The Magic of Sahale

We’re proud to offer this training for the first time at the Sahale Retreat Center, a 68-acre ecovillage and learning center on the tip of the Kitsap peninsula:  2 hours from Seattle, 1 hour from Port Townsend, and 1.5 hours from Olympia.  This training is an opportunity to uplevel your leadership and relax into nature for a weekend.  And it gives the Authentic Relating communities in all of these cities a chance to come together and play, learn, connect, deep dive, enrich each other and grow together. 



“It was a life changing weekend….a training that changed me as a person to be able to help change the world. In short: go, learn, have fun, and be amazed.” 

~ Chris Gongaware, Hawaii


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