How to Settle for More


Hosted by renowned Authentic Leadership Trainer Sara Ness


Tuesday August 4th  -  1:00 pm CT


How do we change what seems set in stone?


Social groups.
As it is, always it will be.
Because making a change seems to take so much energy.
We work hard to construct lives that suit us, but we outgrow them over time. To live a life that’s “okay, I guess” seems wrong. Yet we can’t change everything either. Perfection is a dream out of context with reality. My idea of perfection may alienate those around me, or may cause more problems than it solves.
So, if perfection is unrealistic, and settling is unconscionable, then what shall we do?
This is a workshop on social design.


We’ll explore:

Your Difficult Situations

What is troubling you, and why does it seem so difficult to change?  How does it make total sense that you haven't yet changed it?

Authenticity and Values

What is the difference between "authenticity with feelings" and "authenticity with values" when it comes to decision-making?

Brilliant Social Experiments

What is the difference between a "change" and an "experiment"?  Learn how to create experiments to change  difficult situations.

At the end of the workshop, we intend that you’ll walk away with clear ideas on how to re-invent your troublesome situations from a place of authenticity - and, with a whole new set of tools and distinctions that you can use on many problems in your life.
If you want to go deeper, you’ll have the option of sticking around to learn about Sara's full life redesign course - the Authentic Life Course.

You will also receive a special discount for our next coached 9-week Authentic Life Course which begins on August 18th!

Meet your guide, Sara Ness

Sara Ness is an instigator of authenticity, ninja of connection, and awkward turtle of social situations. She has worked with thousands of leaders and groups across the world, from educators to executives, to explore our creative potential through better relating. Sara is the founder and Chief Catalyst at Authentic Revolution, a consulting and training company for connection and leadership skills. In her time off (and on), she is involved in Austin's acroyoga, dance, and staying-indoors-to-read scenes.
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