Grace Under Fire and Other Superpowers


Hosted by renowned Authentic Leadership Trainers: Sara Ness and Jason Digges


Wednesday September 23rd  -  1:00 pm CT


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What is the gift you can’t help but to give?


The thing others turn to you for, that hidden power that is always present, your way of being that draws in your friends and co-workers…
Oh. You don’t know?


Well, you’re among good company. Most of us don’t know what we call our “Superpowers” - those behaviors and traits so normal we don’t even think about them, even though they form a core part of who we are and are what others see in us. 


A sense of humor.
An ability to stay calm in conflict.
A mothering energy.
A knack for speaking the truth.


When our gifts are reflected, and when we reflect others’, it allows those gifts to bloom. Rather than speaking to where we want others or ourselves to grow, we can expand what’s already happening - the self we can’t help but to be.


Of course, there’s a flip side to this. Just as we have Superpowers, we also have Kryptonites. Kryptonites are liabilities, the places where (at least for now) we can’t help but to fall short of who we, and others, want us to be. 


While knowing our Superpowers can allow them to bloom, knowing our Kryptonites doesn’t have to make us shrink.


On this live webinar, we will discuss not only how to see Superpowers (others’ and your own), but also how to make your Kryptonites just as much of a gift as your Superpowers, by turning them into an opportunity for humor and transparency.

We’ll explore:


How to recognize your  Superpowers and Kryptonites



How to Give Others Immensely Caring and Effective Feedback



How to turn Conflicts into Connection


At the end of the workshop, we intend that you will walk away with a clearer understanding of your own superpowers and kryptonites -  and with a new set of tools and distinctions that you can use to transform conflict in your life!
If you want to go deeper, you’ll have the option of sticking around to learn about Sara's upcoming Authentic Life Course - and - Jason's new book "Conflict = Energy."

You will also receive a special discount for the next coached 9-week Authentic Life Course which begins on October 15th!

Meet Sara Ness


Sara Ness is an instigator of authenticity, ninja of connection, and awkward turtle of social situations. She has worked with thousands of leaders and groups across the world, from educators to executives, to explore our creative potential through better relating. Sara is the founder and Chief Catalyst at Authentic Revolution, a consulting and training company for connection and leadership skills. In her time off (and on), she is involved in Austin's acroyoga, dance, and staying-indoors-to-read scenes.

Meet Jason Digges

Jason Digges is a modern renaissaece man: Equal parts artist, philosopher, teacher, and video producer. From 2003-2012 he worked for Ken Wilber and other clients to create thousands of hours of educational media on the topics of transpersonal psychology, spirituality, productivity, and personal growth. For the past 4 years he has been a senior trainer and curriculum creator at Authentic Relating Training International.
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