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Authentic Revolution's live Austin events (ALT and ELT) are being rescheduled to October.  Our hope is that those who are registered will stay registered.  We will issue full refunds to anyone who needs and requests a refund.

Our European events have been cancelled and will be rescheduled in 2021.

Featured Trainings

Authentic Leadership Training

Our flagship leadership and community training, with more than 700 graduates

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Authentic Life Course (online)

Integrate Authentic Relating skills into your everyday communication with family, friends, co-workers and more.


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Authentic Business

Partner with AuthTeams to develop psychological safety, transparency, and conflict resolution skills in your organization

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Authentic Leadership Training

What if your leadership could be a source of energy, creativity, inspiration and joy?

Discover how to...

Lead naturally

Fail without fear

Let groups act through you, rather than acting for them

Create community that nourishes you and sees you for who you really are.

What is the ALT?


It's not failure that stops us, but fear.

Fear of looking stupid. Of losing an opportunity. Of self-judgment and shame.

To create what we want in life, we need safe spaces to fail fast, be held while in it, and know exactly what we did wrong. 

We need experiences of failing while being as true to ourselves as possible, so that when we try, it's from our whole heart and soul.

Want to experience that? Over the past many years of leading evolutionary communities, I’ve developed a training process that will help you tune into your personal skills and intuition (your "superpowers"), read what a group needs, fail fast and iterate, and lead from authenticity. Our 500+ graduates have taken the social technology of Authentic Relating – empathic, vulnerable communication and ways to create that – into areas from therapy sessions to executive teams, children’s classrooms to the Coast Guard

Whatever you're leading - groups, life, friendships - come play, come try, come fail. Come practice being the person you've always wanted to be, in a community that wants exactly who you are.

Research Benefits of the Authentic Leadership Training

If you want to bring yourself more to your life and your leadership, the Authentic Leadership Training is a great way to discover how.

Over the course of the weekend, you will:
  • Get practice recognizing and speaking your truth, in a way that connects you more with yourself and with others
  • Learn to speak from what truly matters to you, in any interaction
  • Discover your own personal Leadership Superpower
  • Get direct, continuous practice and feedback on leading experiences for a group
  • Learn how to create the flow of an event, choosing and ordering activities to lead people through an experiential journey
  • Create deep connections
  • Have FUN!


--- Upcoming Dates and Locations ---

Need more info?  

We'd love to see you at an upcoming training!

Emergent Leadership Training

Have you completed the ALT and now want to take your leadership to a whole new level?

Are you already a graduate of the Authentic Leadership Training?*

Do you want to bring your guidance a step deeper, with personalized attention, iterative feedback, tons of room to try new things and learn from others?

Join us for the next ELT to be held in October 21 - 25 in Austin, Texas.

This course is co-led by Sara Ness, founder and head instigator at Authentic Revolution, and Josh Levin, lead circling trainer at the Integral Center. It’s held only twice a year and does tend to fill fast, so if you’re interested, apply below!


Time: The course runs from Wednesday evening until Sunday evening.

Logistics: The ELT is held at a beautiful Airbnb in central Austin. Breakfast and lunch is provided each day. If you’re coming in from out of town, we will house you for the duration of the course at the venue or with a community member nearby.

Cost: A $1200 investment, or payment plan of $315/month for 4 months (including credit fees). Some partial scholarships are available for those doing active facilitation or outreach work within their local communities. If you need a scholarship, please mention that in your application form.

Who should attend? We’ve had community leaders, company managers, psychotherapists, teachers, group facilitators, and more. The training is customizable to the area in which you want to practice, as long as your focus includes work with groups either in teaching or general leadership. You must be:

  • Coachable: willing to take in and apply feedback without defensiveness
  • Agentic: willing to speak up for your own needs without blaming your experience on others. If you have a hard time speaking up in a group, that’s fine – we’ll invite the feedback safely and often – but if you tend to wait until the end of a workshop to complain about how it wasn’t what you wanted, this is not a good fit for you.
  • Experimental: willing to try new things

We hope to see you at the ELT!

* Note: We do occasionally accept facilitators who have not graduated the ALT, if you have comparable experience or training. Feel free to apply!

Apply for the ELT

We'll be in touch soon!

Josh Levin and Sara Ness on 'Status and Power'

Sara on Vulnerability in Leadership

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