Authentic Relating Coaching


Facilitating Connection, Authentic Expression and Powerful Communication

Why we coach:

We believe that the relationship between a coach and coachee can radically support an individual to have more aliveness in their relationships with themselves, others, and their broader world.

We recognize the power of having a coach, and how it can facilitate deep healing and empowered action in the world, and we strive to create a world in which people live more meaningful, connected and purposeful lives.

How we coach:

Our coaching draws from a variety of psycho-therapeutic and coaching disciplines, as well as our extensive study of Authentic Relating practices. We help our clients get clear on exactly what it is they’d like to create in their life, or relationships, and then support them in creating that through a mixture of deep inner emotional work, and accountability to following through with their commitments. While working with one of our coaches, you can expect to build a deep and trusting relationship, to be in a co-creative process of discovery and actualization of your deepest truths and to be guided towards uncovering the innate wisdom and brilliance that lives inside of you.

Who we coach:

Authrev coaches work with couples, families, individuals and groups to help bring the core principles of Authentic Relating into every corner of your life.

You are probably a fit if you can imagine creating a life full of intimacy and connection - of feeling truly empowered to communicate effectively in every situation. We’re here to help you do just that. Our coaches take the time to really get to know you. They will help you find solutions that you are a hell yes to, so that you spend less time trying to do what works for everyone else and more time doing what works for you.

Read about each of our skilled and passionate coaches below. 

If you are moved to explore the possibilities with one of them, book a free discovery call today.

Mark Boughton

Mark Boughton is a communication coach who helps people integrate the principles of Authentic Relating into their personal relationships. He’s passionate about working with couples who want to improve their communication and discover a deeper feeling of connection, and individuals who are ready to attract love into their lives.
Mark works through a mix of inviting deep and vulnerable inner exploration, and also supporting his clients in taking practical and proactive steps to learn and grow. He’s been facilitating and teaching the communication arts for nearly a decade, and has been coaching individuals and couples since 2015. He believes that being in relationship is one of the most effective pathways to personal growth and that being in an inspiring, devoted and powerful partnership is a possibility for anyone who is willing to do the inner and outer work required to make it happen.
If you’re serious about coaching and are interested in a free, no obligation introductory session, email Mark ([email protected]) to set one up.

Nathan Vanderpool


Why is it so hard for me to speak up when I know that my work team's plan is bullshit? How can I drop the anxiety over my date working out this weekend? Why do I have to keep "learning the same lessons" over and over again? Nathan Vanderpool is a social designer and adult development specialist, and he's here to help!

Nathan uses methods he developed with Human Systems to tackle your real-world problems. You will co-create personalized practice spaces, aimed at raising your ability to stay grounded while playing difficult "social games". Learn more about Nathan's framework here.

Nathan is currently based in Berlin, Germany. He holds B.A.'s in philosophy and psychology, M.A.'s in cultural studies and religious studies, and a PhD in sociology. He has spent years designing rituals, both spiritual and secular, and takes special delight in facilitating small-scale personal and social transformation.

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Melanie Weinberger

Melanie Weinberger’s specialty is to set you free to have the life experience you truly desire. All of her work focuses on the world within you, dropping resistance to the life of ecstasy that is calling you. She is also a trauma recovery specialist, working to clear any deep traumatic experiences that may have a hold on your energy. Full alignment to your truth feels like relief and bliss from within. Expect to experience this when you work with her.
Melanie has been facilitating large groups through transformational experiences for over seven years. She has studied multiple modalities including Emotional Freedom Techniques, NeuroLinguistic Programming, Matrix Reimprinting, and Human Potential. Melanie is a TEDx speaker, and entrepreneur. She has led coaching and training within companies such as Google, Rackspace, SXSW, Johnson and Johnson and more. She is also a founding partner of Mindlight, an emotional mastery training organization.
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