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Everyday leadership.

Once-in-a-lifetime connection.


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A family.

A relationship.

Respect from your boss.

An honest conversation with your parents.

Being able to ask him/her/them on a date.

We all have interactions we'd like to improve. 
They're the "If only..." moments. The "someday..."s. 


"Maybe someday I'll get up the courage to talk to her."
"Maybe someday I'll stand up to my boss."
"Someday, I'm going to have more interesting conversations!" 
"I'm trying my hardest, but nothing is changing. If only I could make this better."


We all have relationships we'd like to deepen. 


Why not now?




The Authentic Life Course is for those who want to create and deepen powerful connections.


You’ll discover how to make amazing interactions something you make happen, for yourself and others, rather than something you stumble upon.

You'll identify conections that drain you, and transform them into ones that energize and inspire you.

You’ll design contexts that have everyone around you more engaged and effective in their own lives.

And you’ll do it by being more fully who you are.

Course Modules


Module 1 - Identify your Drainers, Desires, Good Stuff, and Shift List

Module 2 - Discover the essential social, personal, and environmental contexts that frame your world

Module 3 - Receive honest feedback on how others see you, and see yourself more clearly

Module 4 - Learn how to ask for exactly what you want - and be heard

Module 5 - Rest and review (in silly hats!)

Module 6 - See, speak, and create contexts that truly nourish you

Module 7 - Learn to deepen any conversation

Module 8 - Transform your current connections through honesty and appreciation

Module 9 - Get real with the toughest people in your life


Schedule of Live Sessions

What You Receive

Weekly Lessons

Every week, you’ll get access to a new set of targeted videos, worksheets, and assignments to grow and hone your connection skills.  We’ll walk you through practices to help you uplevel your daily life – with support every step of the way.


Your group will have a dedicated coach and private Facebook group  for the duration of the training. You are also invited to attend a live call each week including: (2) ALL Office Hours with Sara Ness, and (6) Q & A sessions with your coach.


You’ll form an accountability triad with two other participants and practice with them weekly, along with people in your own life, to develop the skills to create powerful interactions in every part of your world.

Just $450 for 9 weeks of transformative experiences and support to create a lifetime of better interactions!

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"The Authentic Life Leadership course has changed the way i see myself. The videos were short enough to keep me engaged. The assignments were set up to be fun, so that i wanted to do them. The whole program was transformational for me. In fact, our triad became so close that we decided to go through the entire program again!"

L.R., Asheville

"With my boyfriend, I noticed a huge change. It's as if I finally speak his language and he is that much more open to receiving anything I have to share. I have been craving for certain type of intimate exchange for a year now that we have been in a relationship and I am receiving it!"

L.K., Los Angeles

"The biggest shift is in my awareness of my moment-to-moment experience, of how i am coming across to others, of what i am wanting and not-wanting, of what fears are holding me back from acting the way i really want to."

R.J., Houston

"Wow, what a transformation I’m witnessing! [My partner and I] have been together over a year and he’s always been a pretty solid communicator, but the person he’s becoming through this program is truly awe inspiring. I love geeking out on the content he’s learning and discovering new possibilities for our relationship by doing the assignments he’s given. It’s nourishing parts of our relationship that we didn’t even know needed nutrients. "

A.B., Denver

"I now value my close relationships more deeply. I saw in myself that there is an idea of doing something very important in the world. And this doing, this becoming, was seen as separate from my family connections. Sometimes I would see myself as too busy to dive in to play with my son, drop in with my partner or call my mom. But actually these central relationships form the core of my sense of support in the world... and inform me as to how I can best serve the most people in my life."

E.R., New York

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Just $450 for 9 weeks of transformative experiences and support to create a lifetime of better interactions!


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