February 22 - 24


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What is the ALT?

"One of the deepest and most connective experiences of my life"
Julian Rosenberg, Austin

"One of the best things I did in the last year"
Steve Carter, Boston

"An enchanting and powerful growth experience"
Diana Brickell, Boulder

What You'll Learn:

How, when and why to express yourself in leadership
How to create truly fulfilling connections and community
Co-creating and enrolling people in your vision
Communicating so that others feel heard
Planning powerful experiences
Leading from the moment

The ART of Leadership: Authentic, Responsive, and Transparent.


DATE – February 22 - 24
TIME – Friday 3-10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

LEADERSHIP - K. Stellar Dutcher, Micah Sutton, Jonathan Van Matre, and Kai Tupelo.


All times are approximate. This training will be immersion-style, so participants are invited to sleep over at our venue, and all meals will be provided with the exception of a potluck on Friday night

  or 3 monthly payments of $225



Ready to join us?


K. Stellar Dutcher

With stars in their eyes and a guitar in hand, K. Stellar Dutcher can usually be found encouraging those who cross their path to step more radically into themselves and the world.  Stellar's specialty as a facilitator is opening a group to deeper layers of itself, and leading people into more intimate connection with self, planet and perceived other. Poet, songwriter, fundraiser and activist, Stellar offers inspiration, activation and song to anyone tuning into beloved community and an emerging, healing world.

Micah Sutton

From age 14, Micah has practiced a form of meditation called the Inpresence Experience, which focuses on cultivating a constant sense of present awareness. As such, presence has become the foundation of his life, and especially, of his teaching and facilitation.
Whether he is training beginners, or advanced facilitators, Micah strives to create a learning environment in which it is clear that mastery is not an end goal, but rather a state of mind, unique to each person, which can be cultivated in the art of facilitation.
He is a very outdoorsy kind of guy, very much in love with the beauties of nature. 

"I went from feeling terrified of other people realizing my own capacity to love the shit out of everyone, the world, and myself. Y’all have gotten this training down to a science - I was in awe minute by minute of the language and approach taken to open up and move a group."

– Sam Carlos, Seattle

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