June 28 - 30


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What is the ALT?

"One of the deepest and most connective experiences of my life"
Julian Rosenberg, Austin

"One of the best things I did in the last year"
Steve Carter, Boston

"An enchanting and powerful growth experience"
Diana Brickell, Boulder

What You'll Learn:

How, when and why to express yourself in leadership
How to create truly fulfilling connections and community
Co-creating and enrolling people in your vision
Communicating so that others feel heard
Planning powerful experiences
Leading from the moment

The ART of Leadership: Authentic, Responsive, and Transparent.


DATE – June 28 - 30
TIME – Friday 3-10 p.m., Saturday 10 a.m.-10 p.m., Sunday 10 a.m.-8:30 p.m.

LEADERSHIP - Zachary Robison and Kai Koru.


All times are approximate. This training will be immersion-style, so participants are invited to sleep over at our venue, and all meals will be provided with the exception of a potluck on Friday night

  or 3 monthly payments of $225


Ready to join us?


Zachary Robison

Zach Robison is a lead facilitator and facilitator trainer who enjoys creating a space of self-exploration that primarily focuses on cultivating interpersonal skills. He has a laidback, playful leadership style balanced by a desire to hold space for whatever depth arises.  In leading games in many different areas of life such as schools, businesses, festivals, summer camps, and leadership workshops, he has learned how to embrace what is real in any moment and have that be where we connect.
He is a practicing Life Coach in the Houston area, a massage therapist, and a regular facilitator of a weekly Authentic Relating Games night every Sunday evenings.

Kai Koru

Kai Koru moved to Austin, Texas in early 2017 because they fell in love with Authentic Relating after being deeply impacted by mere hours of exposure. They immediately dove into the AR community, taking their first ALT before even unpacking their furniture. Kai has been on staff, or leading in some capacity, at every ALT since. A centered and confident leader,  Kai is determined to take these life changing courses everywhere feasible!  
When not living and breathing AR, Kai spends their time following around a 2-year-old as a nanny, wandering through nature, dancing or singing their heart out, and enjoying the present moment.

"I went from feeling terrified of other people realizing my own capacity to love the shit out of everyone, the world, and myself. Y’all have gotten this training down to a science - I was in awe minute by minute of the language and approach taken to open up and move a group."

– Sam Carlos, Seattle

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