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Next 16-Week Class Begins Thursday, February 6th

"“I am experiencing deep quiet with others and more confidence to the point that I am seeking out social interaction. Before I avoided social gatherings because I don't enjoy small talk. I now want to interact with my new tools and tips and awareness!” "

- ALC Participant -

Step One:  Time Commitment

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Step Three: Payment Options

Full Payment $500
3 Monthly Payments of $175

Limited scholarship funds are available, and are awarded based on good merit and financial need.

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"I think Video 3 from this week must have touched me the most as I found myself furiously writing notes, thinking that there were so many nuggets I didn't want to forget...I had been able to do this today while my husband and I were both in trigger, and it made such a huge difference to our connection."

- ALC Participant -

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