Authentic Life Course Content


Module 1: What Do You Want?

What is authenticity?

What are your desires, drainers, and what do you want to shift?

How can we get you there?


Module 2: Your Life As Is

See the water you're swimming in - the personal, social, and environmental contexts that create your life


Module 3: What We Think of You

Get feedback on how others really see you, including unconscious habits and mannerisms

Identify your Superpowers and Kryptonites

Learn how to become as powerful as possible given who you already are


Module 4: Asking For It

How to make requests that get you what you actually want

Active vs passive communication

Staying connected within intensity


Module 5: Rest and Review

Summary and celebration!


Module 6: Creating Your Life

Seeing, speaking, and creating the contexts that truly nourish you

Protecting your cookies from Douglas Adams


Module 7: Deepening Conversations

Coming from the inside in

How to find your curiosity and ask great questions

Then, keep the conversation going!

Assess, reflect, reassure, and recap


Module 8: Deepening Relationships

Naming and navigating the we-space

Hold-withs and appreciations

How to set a boundary that gets respected

Is my love your drug?


Module 9: The Boss Battle and The End

Why vulnerability is dangerous, and what to do about it

Relating with people who don't want to relate with you

Develop emotional resilience

Celebrate and integrate!


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