Sensemaking Conflict and Polarization


Free Webinar with Sara Ness

Tuesday September 21  -  1:00 pm CT










Join Sara in teasing out sensemaking in this polarized world.


We cannot heal the world, without healing the divisions between us.

We cannot heal divisions without understanding.

Whoever wants to be understood, must first learn to listen.

At Authentic Revolution, we hold the above to be true. One of our core values is listening even to perspectives with which we don’t agree. You’re racist? Homophobic? I don’t like that. Tell me more. Without understanding you, I will never get you to understand me. Building the capacity for this sort of openness is hard. 


In this webinar, Sara will explore a meta-model she has been teaching at Rebel Wisdom, to help make sense of:

  1. Why we fail to understand each other

  2. How to clarify misunderstandings

  3. How to ask difficult questions, and challenge others’ views, without causing (much) offense


Come prepared with the political and social conversations you find hardest to have, and the people you most disagree with. Let’s see if we can build a bridge, and thereby, heal the world.


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